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Make Live Chat Work For You

So you’ve decided to put live chat on your website; what next? As the ultimate virtual sales assistant, live chat offers a lot of benefits. Check out the tips below to maximise them.  

Tip one: Test different widgets, styles and text – You’ll get better results by trying out various widgets, styles and text. Different phrases may give you more or fewer responses, for example, ‘We’re here for you right now’ may perform better than ‘Hello, how can I help you?’. Remember to tailor language to your industry. If you’re an estate agent, rather than a generic ‘Can I help?’ you could ask ‘Would you like to book a viewing for this property?’. 

Tip two: Play around with the Design Studio – There’s so much you can do to make your live chat your own. If your business has a colour scheme or theme then your live chat can reflect this. You can also change the positions of your chat box, add your own photos, alter the default times and settings; it’s up to you.

Tip three: Experiment with proactive chats – Play around with your proactive chats, when they appear and why and what they say. Proactive chats prompt your web visitors to engage and ask the questions they might need to complete their purchase. They’re also useful for filling out forms or questionnaires and signing up for trials.

Tip four: Decide what you want from live chat – Deciding what you want from Live Chat is important to make sure you’re getting the most from it. Whether it’s to generate leads or resolve queries, make sure your language and phrases match your objective. 

Tip five: Respond quickly: customer experience is key! – With ever-evolving technology, people expect you to be available to help 24/7. Having a real person at the end of the chat makes a huge difference to the customer experience, as they feel more valued. Consider making your live chat 24/7 so that your customers always have someone to chat with, regardless of when they visit your site. 

Tip six: Keep in touch with the Live Chat PA Team – Remember that your Live Chat PA is an extension of your business and represents you to your web visitors. If you want them to answer and deal with chats in a particular way, let them know. The more you share about your business and what you want from chats, the better results you will get. Don’t forget, we’re experts at what we do: come to us for advice and we will be more than happy to help.

Tip seven: Know your audience – Before starting live chat you would have considered the audience you want to reach by having it on your site. Don’t lose sight of this, and don’t forget this could also change. For example, for sales, chat is a great way to generate more leads, and for valued repeat customers, it provides an easy way to engage with them.

Tip eight: Quality and efficient interactions are the way to go – There’s a balance to be found with making sure you’re efficient and getting the details you need or resolving queries in a timely manner, but also making the web visitor feel valued. If they have a great live chat experience they are more likely to come back. A lot of live chat visitors choose to chat rather than call for a speedy response, so remember to give them that!

Tip nine: Use reporting metrics to see what works for you – Keep checking how your live chat is performing. Live chat means you can throw more money into your website, but only if live chat is generating more business for you. Check your proactive chat results to see if the wording needs to be changed or if it’s on the right landing page. You can also make sure the right language is being used by your agents to generate the best results.

Moneypenny has years of experience helping businesses of all sizes maximise Live Chat to achieve the best results. Talk to us today on 0333 202 1005.


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