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12 King's Bench Walk are confident every call is answered

Andrew Hogarth, Barrister, reveals how the civil set of chambers have found the ideal cost-effective solution in Telephone Answering.

When did you realise you needed support?

“Staffing resource was becoming a challenge for us. With only one in-house receptionist, calls were being missed at busy times and during holidays, so we knew a solution was needed. Aware of Moneypenny’s strong reputation and expertise in supporting the legal sector, we decided to trial their service.”

What does good customer service look like?

“Client care is extremely important. It’s essential that we remain dedicated to our existing clients, but also present a welcoming and approachable front to our new callers. This is fully achievable with Moneypenny.”

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“Our overflow calls are now outsourced to Moneypenny, this means that when our in-house staff are busy, calls are diverted seamlessly to Danielle, our Moneypenny Receptionist. Immediately, we were impressed with the professionalism of the service and Danielle’s understanding of how to handle our calls.”

What are the key benefits?

“Our clients are happier knowing they can always get through to us, and our in-house staff are reassured and confident that every call is answered and opportunities are not lost. Having every call covered makes for a better overall front-of-house impression and the service has proved very useful when trying to connect for conference calls.”

Any advice for other businesses?

“I’d urge any business to try Moneypenny; it’s a very simple service to set up and offers a highly efficient solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.”

We give you amazing people and technology:


Your own Moneypenny PA to answer calls exactly as if based in your office.

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Live Chat

Amazing people, briefed by you to manage chats whenever you can't.

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Pocket Phone System

All the functions and support of an office phone system, minus the hardware.

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