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How to use Labels in Live Chat

Using Labels is an effective way to boost your customer’s Live Chat experience. 

Labels enable your agents to quickly categorise conversations sent to your CRM, Help Desk integration, or in your CSV log exports. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the common uses for Labels and cover some tips to help you get the most out of your Live Chat Labels.

Setting up your Labels 

In this article, we will use a Label called “ProductCategory” to differentiate between chats for some different products. 

You will find a tab in the Admin Portal > Settings called Hub (1). Clicking on this tab will open up the Hub tab where you will be able to set up your Labels. 

Let’s start by creating a new Label called ProductCategory by clicking on “+Add Label” (2). Then click on “Edit” (4) to amend the preset fields: 

Now that we’ve added our preset fields, hit Save in the bottom right of the Admin Portal to retain your new settings. 

At the top of this setting, you’ll see an option to “Require this Label” (3). Checking this will mean that a chat will not close until this Label has been saved. If a chat ends before the Label has been added, then the following system message will display to the agent in the Hub: 

This will then allow Labels to be added after the chat has ended, and a chat will not close until any mandatory Labels are added. This means that the chat will take up one of the agent chat slots until all required Labels are completed. 

Agents will receive a reminder for every five pending closed chats that are waiting to be Labeled. 

Setting your Labels in the Hub 

As an agent, the Labels tab can be accessed via the Labels button (5) at the bottom of the active chat window: 


This will prompt the Labels window to open, and the agent can click the Label option most relevant for the chat, or even add their own Label (6). This enables agents to add extra fields and easily send these as the Label value. You will also notice the red asterisk * (7) next to the ProductCategory name. This indicates that this is a required field: 

Once the agent is satisfied that they’ve entered all the information correctly, they’ll need to click on “Add” at the bottom of the window to save the Labels. These are then passed as part of the Chat Transcript. 

Labels in the Chat Transcript 

The Labels will be displayed under the Operator Variables (8) section of the Chat Transcript, as below: 

This ensures the information is easily accessible to reporters and administrators. Additionally, you can also auto-send this information to your Help Desk using Custom Mappings. 

Using Labels with Custom Mappings 

In the Settings > Integrations tab, you’ll have the option to map the Labels to your chosen integration. You will see a Source Type (9.1): 

This will give you quick access to all of your Labels in the source value (9.2) and route them to the relevant fields in your integration. 

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