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Setting up and activating Moneypenny Answering

Hayley, Moneypenny PA

Pocket Phone System allows you to easily control who answers your calls when you can’t – ensuring you never miss a call again.

What happens when you’re not available to take a call? With Pocket Phone System, it’s simple; choose to direct callers to your colleague, voicemail or your dedicated Moneypenny PA – you decide.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain how to set up and activate Moneypenny Answering, using your online portal.

Call settings

To get started, click the ‘Call Settings’ tab on your portal homepage. Then, select the ‘Moneypenny Answering’ option that appears in the navigation bar.

Moneypenny Answering

Next, you’ll need to consider how you’d like your Moneypenny PA to answer the phone, by selecting your preferred greeting.

Then, choose what you would like your PA to tell the caller when you’re unavailable, for example –

“[name] is in a meeting right now, can I pass on a message for you?”

The next section is all about your business. Just let us know a few details such as your website address, sector, opening hours and a little description of your company, to help Moneypenny PAs handle your calls brilliantly, every time.

Once you’ve filled in all your information, just hit ‘Save’ to complete.

Now your PA is ready and waiting to capture all of your calls until you’re ready to take them again!

Remember, you can change your Moneypenny Answering settings at any time, or turn off the option altogether, by clicking on the toggle.

For help accessing your portal, please call our technical team on 0333 202 1005 and we’ll be happy to help you. This guide assumes that you’re on our Sprint or Fly package. But, if you’d like to upgrade your current plan, you’re welcome to do so at any time. 

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