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Forager’s Gin

Bespoke gin distillery Forager’s Gin came to Moneypenny in 2017 looking for support in growing their business.

Since using Moneypenny, Forager’s Gin have been able to focus on launching their business within their market. In this short film, Owner, Chris Marshall, explains how outsourcing calls to Moneypenny has helped establish their business, by providing callers with a great first impression of their independent distillery.

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Chris Marshall, Owner, Forager’s Gin: My name’s Chris Marshall, I am the owner and distiller of Forager’s Gin.

Forager’s Gin is a premium, limited release, craft gin from the foothills of North Wales.

When we started, Moneypenny spent the time just to really understand what our needs were; how many calls we might be getting over each month and what sort of calls they would be handling.

It was really from that point that they came up with a plan of which package would suit us, and also what sorts of calls they would be taking so they could assign the right PA for us.

Sue was great; Sue looks after all our calls coming in, always answers in a very professional manner which, of course, reflects well on our business and our brand.

One scenario where Moneypenny has added value has to be where we have journalists calling us, and one situation which springs to mind is certainly Vogue magazine. At the end of 2017 we were lucky enough to be included in their Christmas wishlist and I think if we hadn’t have got to that phone call, if Moneypenny hadn’t have answered that in the professional way that they do, then perhaps that opportunity would have slipped by.

I would recommend Moneypenny without any hesitation, certainly where businesses perhaps have teams of people where they have a task at hand and a ringing phone can be something of a distraction, and that can be, therefore, outsourced.

They have really captured something which I think is quite important in any business and that is that the people who work there really do seem to have a passion for what they do, and that certainly reflects in the level of service and the way that they look after our brands when they’re answering on our behalf.

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