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Employee experience experts Leesman have been using Moneypenny since they first opened in 2010.

In this video, Tim Oldman, Managing Director, explains how Moneypenny has adapted and been flexible with its service as their business has grown rapidly from being small to medium sized. They’ve especially found the Moneypenny app superb in terms of being able to update their status on the move and being able to stay in touch with his PA Katrin wherever he is working.

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Tim Oldman, Managing Director, Leesman: My name’s Tim Oldman, I’m the managing director of Leesman. The Leesman Index is a universal measure of the effectiveness of the workplace.

We work with industries large and small, in all sorts of sectors from science and technology to infrastructure; it’s really anybody who’s got an office environment.
I suppose what I love about my job is meeting other property professionals and helping them understand in greater depth how they can work smarter. The environmental psychology aspect of it is fascinating.

We’ve been using Moneypenny since day one; so the moment we started we knew that we needed something better than us, just taking calls on our mobiles ad hoc. We found Moneypenny have adapted and grown with us as we’ve grown. The service is flexible so we pull it as we need it. The development of the iPhone app has been superb for us, superb for me in terms of my mobility; being able to change my profile, change my settings for our virtual receptionist to pick up immediately, is superb. So to see them develop as an organisation as we develop and for all of those expectations to have been met all the way through has been fundamental to the success of the relationship that we have with Moneypenny.

Our relationship with Katrin is quite interesting because it just feels frustrating that we’ve never met her. It feels like she’s an integral part of the business but she doesn’t come to the Christmas party, you know, she doesn’t come out for drinks when we win a big project, so actually it’s quite an intriguing relationship that you have with somebody at that distance; I would like her to be in the office with us – it feels as though she is, it feels as though she’s an integral part of the team but to never actually see her face-to-face is a new thing we’re having to all experience.

I have just one rule for my team members which is ‘exceed the client expectation’ and that’s what Moneypenny have always done for me. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Moneypenny, especially for any business like us who is growing rapidly from being a small to medium size. Having the agility for an organisation to respond to your own growth the way that they’ve done has been first class in supporting us.

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