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Marsh and Parsons

Marsh & Parsons boast an incredible property portfolio with expertise in sales, lettings & new development.

Having been a Moneypenney client since 2011, Liza-Jane Kelly, Sales Director, has taken advantage of Moneypenny’s support in order to grow and develop her agency. In this short film, Liza-Jane explains how Moneypenny have been able to answer the calls her in-house team can’t get to and how this has helped to secure more business opportunities for them.

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What attracted you to working with Moneypenny?

Liza-Jane Kelly, Sales Director, Marsh and Parsons: We were attracted to Moneypenny in the first place because we wanted to ensure that our phones were answered all the time and, sometimes, in the offices, when people are busy and they’re with clients, applicants or they’re on calls themselves, we wanted to make sure that no call was ever left unanswered.

What was your experience in terms of customer service?

We had a free trial, we met Jo and Sam, who are fantastic, and I suppose initially, before we actually met Moneypenny, we always felt that these call centre services were never going to match the customer service that we really require in Marsh and Parsons and how we wanted the phone answered and how we make people feel when they deal with Marsh and Parsons, but on meeting Moneypenny, straight away, we knew that the relationship was really going to work.

Can you outline any particular advantages?

Particularly on Saturdays, where we feel it’s very important that our negotiators are out on viewings, showing properties and then, equally, we have lots of people coming into the office and ringing up, enquiring about property they want to see or they’ve seen on our website, so, sometimes, at particular times in the day on Saturdays, it gets incredibly busy and Moneypenny deal with those calls brilliantly and they email the enquiries through, so they can be dealt with that day by our negotiators and managers.

What makes Moneypenny stand out from the competition?
The calls are being dealt with by professional people and we’re proud to work with Moneypenny and I would highly recommend Moneypenny to any service business and I have done so many times.

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