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Elephant Digital

Liverpool based digital creative agency Elephant Digital have been using Moneypenny since 2016.

In this film, Phil Birss, Managing Director, explains how they worked with Moneypenny to implement the best call handling solution for their digital marketing agency. Elephant Digital has benefited from Moneypenny’s expertise and understanding of their agency which has enabled them to provide their clients with excellent customer service.

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Phil Birss, Managing Director, Elephant Digital: Hi, my name’s Phil Birss and I am the managing director of Elephant Digital.

I became aware of Moneypenny through networking with Jerry Hopkins at the Leadership Team events and he advised that if I was looking for an outsourced call handling or call service I should approach Moneypenny and he recommended them thoroughly so I’m glad that I did.

The Moneypenny team worked with me to implement a solution that I felt was appropriate for Elephant Digital and they looked at, and estimated, our core stats over a month period during the trial and the package they came up with suited our needs. I think they worked really hard to make sure the package they came up with was bang on.

The benefits that Moneypenny bring to Elephant Digital are taking the calls off our hands and allowing me and my team to focus on what we’re good at, which is providing a good service to our clients on a daily basis.

A great example of where Moneypenny really adds value was with a recent client win, a very, very sizeable project, probably the biggest project we’ve had recently, and they noted when, we met them, how wonderful the reception was when they first rung up Moneypenny – that very, very first call – and it was an especially important part of the sales process, really, and it was mentioned quite a few times, so that was a really, really good example of how they go above and beyond.

I believe Moneypenny makes a real, positive difference to my business, predominantly because they represent us when they answer the phone.

Although there is a cost associated to the Moneypenny service, I see it as a cost saving in terms of the time, not having to answer calls and especially not having to answer unwarranted and unwanted calls as well, so I think that’s a fantastic benefit.

I would definitely recommend Moneypenny to other businesses and business owners, in fact I have done so many times over the last 12 months.

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