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Streets Ahead Estate Agents

Streets Ahead Estate Agents have used Moneypenny since January 2012.

In this film Gary O’Hare, Director, explains how they decided to trial a telephone answering service to make sure they didn’t miss any calls. They chose Moneypenny because they knew a large number of the leading agents were using them and since they’ve been a client they’ve won The Times ‘Best Customer Service in the UK for Estate Agents’.

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Gary O’Hare, Director, Streets Ahead Estate Agents: I’m Gary O’Hare, I’ve been an estate for nearly 30 years and we are the biggest agent in the biggest London borough. We’re now six offices with over 100 staff and we manage over a thousand properties.

Our business was at the stage where it was growing so I quickly I made informal inquiries to other agents about a telephone answering service. The inquiries I made to the other agents weren’t just to run of the mill agents, they were to top, award-winning agents and it was no coincidence that they all use Moneypenny, so it had to be Moneypenny.

Since the trial and getting involved with Moneypenny four years ago it would be absolutely fair to say that what you see is what you get. We get asked all the time what are our USPs; their USPs are customer service and consistency; it remains extraordinarily high all the time.

Every business owner likes to think they’re not missing any opportunity and they’re covering all bases all the time. Well, when you use Moneypenny you realise that you’re wrong. Because you will miss market appraisals, you will miss tenants’ and landlords’ enquiries, commercial enquiries, whatever it be, and if you’re getting to those quicker – which Moneypenny enables you to do – it will put you ahead of your competitor and put money in the bank.

Moneypenny has added value to our business, firstly because of the extra revenue it’s enabled us to bring in – and that’s very, very important – and that revenue has enabled us to grow in many, many forms, but also it’s in the changing market where, in the last 12 months we get a lot of international calls because of the big developments by the big house builders in our area, it’s enabled us to capture that audience and be ahead of our competitors in that.

Their customer service that they offer on our behalf is second to none. Four years later, after using Moneypenny and over 100,000 calls answered by Moneypenny – 100,000 calls – not one caller has said “Is that your answering service?” and 100,000 calls later people think that it’s just an extension of our team.

If you have a reservation about them not sounding like your brand you’d be wrong; they sound like your brand, they sound like our industry. So would I recommend Moneypenny? They will add value to your business, they will enable you to grow and the return on investment is fantastic.

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