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OGR Stock Denton LLP

OGR Stock Denton Solicitors LLP has over half a century’s experience assisting individuals and businesses.

Since becoming a client in 2014, the legal firm has been able to rely on Moneypenny in times of growth and change which has been invaluable. In this film, Robert Talbot, Practice Manager, explains how they worked with Moneypenny to implement the best call handling solution for their firm.

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Robert Talbot, Practice Manager, OGR Stock Denton: Hi my name’s Robert Talbot. I’m the Practice Manager for OGR Stock Denton, a small to medium size law firm in Finchley, specialising in most areas of law and, yeah, we’re a growing business; always on the lookout for new technology that helps us grow and helps us move into new arenas.

The world is a changing place, certainly in the legal world. 10, 15, 20 years ago, perhaps, you were a lawyer and you were special and if you couldn’t get back to a client then they’d have to wait for you. Whereas, now, it’s all about servicing the client; it’s all about referrals, it’s all about the cross-sell, it’s all about getting the clients in and never leaving them and being their trusted business partners.

When Moneypenny first came in we didn’t really know what to expect however, within minutes, we were put at ease because this is their arena, this is their marketplace, this is their work and they know the specific practice areas and fee-earners and what groupings they’re in and they know exactly how to answer the calls on that behalf, what sort of messages they need to take and exactly how to take and deliver those messages. For example; litigation clients are often needing things now, now, now.

This is what they love doing and they had a look at our business and had a lot of experience with businesses of our size and with the problems and the growing pains that businesses like us have and, certainly, the solutions that they put forwards to us, even from the first meeting, made sense to everyone.

The reporting tools that Moneypenny offer allow you to, again, have a real forensic look at your business; see exactly where the pressure points are really and work out a plan of action with Moneypenny to tackle these.

In the first few months, we found out some of the working practices of the fee-earners and exactly what they were doing and what they, perhaps, weren’t doing well and managed to change these; put policies and procedures in place which would then, in turn, bring down the volume of calls that Moneypenny would have to answer which would then make it a much more attractive package for us.

But this is what I mean. Moneypenny didn’t just come and sell the product to us; they actually sold us a service but also wanted to be our partners in business and make sure that we were as streamlined as we possibly could be.

In fact, since I’ve been here talking to you, I’ve just had a look at my phone and I’ve had two messages from Moneypenny, very professionally delivered to me and, when I get out of here now, I’ll be able to phone that client and give them the level of service they require. However, I would not have felt that had we not had Moneypenny on board, so I would not hesitate to recommend Moneypenny.

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