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Roberts Estate Agents

Roberts Estate Agents have been using Moneypenny since 2018.

We met with Residential Sales Director, Katie Darlow, at this year’s EA Masters event to chat about their Moneypenny experience. After realising how many calls they were missing, with Moneypenny’s support the agency has complete confidence they are capturing every single lead.

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How long have you been a Moneypenny client?

We’ve been a Moneypenny client now for, coming up to I think, it’s nearly a year. We met Moneypenny a couple of years ago at the Property Academy and it actually took us two years to get there, but actually now having used the service for over a year, we’re absolutely thrilled with it. 

Why did you decide to try Moneypenny?

Well, it was more a case of we didn’t know whether we actually needed it. And after actually speaking to some of our customers and what was one of their biggest concerns, with other agents they said they couldn’t often get hold of them, they were trying to make offers, they couldn’t get through, and we thought, well surely that can’t be the case in our business and then actually when we did check it out, we were actually quite shocked to see that we were missing so many calls and we thought we don’t want that to happen; which led us then to think right, this is the right time – we’re going to use Moneypenny.

How did Moneypenny learn about your business?

When we joined we had a really really long meeting with our Receptionist, we went through us as a business. They really understand what we’re about, why we’re different, the services we offer, so we really feel as if it’s tailored to us and they’re actually part of our team.

Have you tried the live chat service?

We have tried Live Chat and it’s something that we will definitely consider using in future. One of my favourite stories, actually, is we had a live chat come through from 2’o’clock in the morning and it was a lady who was selling with an online agent in Bristol, not happy. She came through to us, we actually put the referral through our relocation services, she listed with them and it was a complete success story, from 2’o’clock in the morning.

Is there anything Moneypenny could improve on?

At the moment, I’ve got to be honest, we’re really impressed with everything. We actually feel as if when a Moneypenny call is taken, I’ve got complete confidence that they’re asking exactly the right questions that we would ask as our normal staff and our normal team. So, at the moment I’ve got to say I’m absolutely thrilled, but I’m sure if there’s anything I’ll always discuss it with our Client Care Manager. 

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