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Vet Dynamics

A specialist independent veterinary business, Vet Dynamics has been a Moneypenny client since December 2013.

Putting owners and their pets first everyday, the veterinary experts wanted to improve their practice performance. In this film, Vicky Robinson, Director, explains why she continues to recommend Moneypenny telephone answering to veterinary practices as part of strategy plans to improve and grow their businesses.

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Vicky Robinson, Director, Vet Dynamics: Hi I’m Vicky Robinson, I’m director at Vet Dynamics and at Hollyoak vets.

We help independent vet owners and managers run their business as smoothly and successfully as they can. We help them support their teams and plan their finances and we do anything we can to support independent vet practice.

I first became aware of Moneypenny a few years ago; I was doing a talk for the British Veterinary Association, Stephanie was there representing Moneypenny, who were sponsoring the event, which was about customer service in vet practice. We got on really, really well and she told me all about Moneypenny.

My first impression of Moneypenny beyond meeting Steph was how professional they were when they phoned to discuss our requirements, but really friendly. Every interaction we’ve had with Moneypenny has been great from day one. They are just so polite, friendly, lovely and bubbly, really nice to talk to.

We were a much smaller team, then, but even then it was just brilliant if we were having a team meeting to just say “Leave the phone, Moneypenny will get it, its fine.”

Using Moneypenny at Hollyoak as a new business to us, that we really didn’t know too much about, was just brilliant in that we really nailed down the amount of hours that were the peak call times, together with the busy reception consulting times and we recruited around that.

One of our clients that we’ve been working with for a few years is The Lawn Veterinary Centre who, having met the team, highlighted the fact that they couldn’t answer the phone any more than they were, but yet they needed to drive more business into the surgery. We introduced Paul to Moneypenny and he took on the service and I believe they have used it ever since really successfully.

More recently, since they’ve partnered with the BBA, that has given them more kudos within the veterinary profession so it makes them even easier to recommend.

I was so impressed that there was something like Moneypenny available in a profession that so needed that type of help.

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