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5 benefits of a call answering service during COVID-19

The world of business is experiencing its biggest shift yet, but one thing remains the same; human connection is vital. 

As businesses across the US begin to reopen and restart for the first time since the pandemic ensued, recovery and growth are at the forefront of their agendas. With fewer resources to hand, furloughed staff, and, for many, an entirely new way of operating; businesses face some of their biggest challenges to date.

At a time where human reassurance is critical, connectivity has never mattered more. Ensuring your callers always receive a professional and timely response will be key to a fast recovery. But, with reception staff on furlough and teams working from home, how can you guarantee every call is answered?

A phone answering service can provide peace of mind in times of crisis and beyond, ensuring your callers always receive an exceptional first impression of your brand.

Below we explore just some of the many benefits businesses just like yours are experiencing from a call answering service during the pandemic:

1. A personal touch

People love to talk to people, especially in times of crisis when the need to be heard is greater. In a world where automation and online channels are taking over, the human touch has become even more valuable to consumers. In fact, when faced with a complex purchase or an important decision, you’ll find most customers want to talk to a qualified human expert first.

Before lockdown, 56% of businesses claimed the phone was their most important business tool, and we can imagine that figure will have risen significantly in recent months as many customers continue to seek personal advice and expertise from a safe distance.

2. Manage increased demand

Following a return to work after months of lockdown, many businesses are experiencing an influx of calls and backlogged enquiries. This can be particularly challenging in the midst of furloughed staff and distributed workforces.

A telephone answering service allows you to flexibly manage calls in line with fluctuating demand. Overflow your calls to a Moneypenny Receptionist when you’re busy, short-staffed, or out of business hours to ensure every enquiry is captured, or choose to have calls handled on a fully outsourced basis, at a fraction of the cost to hiring someone in-house.

3. Improve accessibility

Keeping lines of communication open and available will be crucial to a smooth and fast recovery. But with restricted opening hours and less staff on hand, tending to a surge in calls can prove problematic. Having a call answering service in place ensures callers always receive a great first impression and enquiries are handled professionally even when you’re unavailable.

Moneypenny Receptionists are on hand 24/7, which also allows you to consider extending your typical business hours, helping you open your doors to more customers and valuable opportunities, while you sleep!

4. Supports remote working

With many of us switching to a remote working model or introducing home-working some of the time, answering all calls or forwarding them to the relevant person or department can become more of a challenge. A phone answering service means calls can be transferred to you and your team members no matter where you’re working – be it from the office, at home, or even on the move!

Your Moneypenny Receptionist will have a diary with all of your colleagues’ names & numbers to hand, with clear instructions that can be tailored for each employee; whether it’s transferring calls to landlines, mobiles, or sending messages instantly via email or SMS – ensuring every enquiry is handled efficiently and professionally.

5. Capture every opportunity

45% of calls result in a brand new business enquiry. That’s why it’s hugely important you’re able to answer every call. While you may think voicemail has you covered, the truth is, 69% of callers won’t leave a message when reaching your answering machine – leaving you without the opportunity to follow up.

Now that many of us are working as part of a distributed workforce, it’s even more vital to ensure no call goes unanswered – and no opportunity slips through the net! Having a call answering service in place provides peace of mind that no matter where your staff are, all callers are receiving a professional response, every time.

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Here at Moneypenny, we’ll match our Receptionists to your business based on your specific needs. Your Moneypenny Receptionist is someone who cares about your company, just as much as you and your team do! They’ll answer each call exactly as if based within your office, so your callers never know a difference. Rely on their support whenever you need it, be it on an overflow or full-time basis.

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