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5 reasons your HVAC business needs call answering


The heating and ventilation industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down.

The key to any successful HVAC business is a strong focus on the customer, and communication plays a crucial part in achieving this. However, while this is one of the most important aspects of the business, it is also the aspect that many business owners struggle to keep up with alongside their busy schedules.

Appreciating the value of strong communication, many HVAC businesses turn to a call answering service to ensure that both existing and prospective customers are always heard and queries are responded to. With many HVAC clients, we have seen the true value that an HVAC answering service can have on a business.

So, what are the main reasons why businesses in this industry turn to our services?

Benefits of HVAC call answering

Customer service

Exceptional customer service is vital to any business. Particularly when searching for an HVAC business, customers are looking for reliability, and nothing indicates a reliable brand more than being able to reach you easily. An HVAC answering service can be on hand both in and outside of your working hours to answer all of your calls. Capturing these important queries quickly by a friendly and knowledgeable call handler will go a long way in improving and maintaining high customer service levels.

No distractions

Particularly for HVAC team members, the majority of whom will be out and about most of the time, answering phone calls can present a significant distraction from their work at hand. Missing or ignoring these calls is not an option and therefore businesses must ensure that they are answered. Call answering is an effective option for business owners and their teams to continue working efficiently without distraction, while having the peace of mind that calls are still being captured immediately.

Win new business

Our research indicates that 69% of people who reach your voicemail don’t leave a message – leaving you no chance to call back. This is a huge amount of lost opportunity. By having a call answering service in place, you can rest assured that vital leads are always picked up, generating more new business opportunities.

Stand out from the competition

A reputation for great customer service spreads quickly in the HVAC industry. This in turn puts your business at the forefront, ahead of your competitors who may not have yet placed such importance on answering all phone calls. Statistics support this, with research finding that 81% of businesses view customer experience as a strong competitive differentiator.


Outsourcing your telephone answering will prove to be a much more cost-effective alternative to hiring someone in-house to handle this function. This takes away the typical costs of employment which include recruitment fees, training, salary and overhead costs (e.g. holiday pay, sick pay, lighting, heating, equipment).

How can Moneypenny help your HVAC business?

Here at Moneypenny, we offer businesses in the heating and ventilation industry our HVAC call answering service. Manned by trained call handlers, who have significant experience in dealing with calls within your particular industry, we have helped countless businesses to gain new leads, improve their customer service levels and, above all, allow the business to operate more efficiently.

Find out more about our HVAC answering service here or call us now on 866 202 0005

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