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5 valuable marketing lessons Disney can teach us

25 years since the original Disney classic took to our screens; the Lion King is making a live-action comeback, set to be one of the biggest returns of the last decade.

In its first 24 hours, the trailer gained a ground-breaking 224.6 million views, while the film itself is expected to gross around $450 million in its first 10 days of world release – so what can the global powerhouse teach us about successful marketing?

In honor of this weekend’s release, we’ve put together 5 valuable takeaways, inspired by how Disney do marketing:

1. Memories last a lifetime

Everything Disney do has been designed to create not only a ‘customer’, but a lifelong ‘fan’. From its gripping storylines, to its iconic characters and innovative themes – Disney constantly deliver magical moments that make its consumers say “wow”, time and time again!

Whereas a customer will buy your product, a fan will love your service – and constantly reinvest in your brand, spreading the word to family and friends. This level of customer loyalty can span generations. So how can you achieve this with your brand? Be sure to carefully consider and plan your customer experience – don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new ways to make the customer’s journey with you one that’s truly unique.

2. Entertainment sells

Behind all good marketing is a great story! Harnessing your audience’s emotions is an essential part of building your brand presence and bringing your products/services to life. Tell stories and give context in all of your messaging, this will help humanize what you do and allow your customers to resonate with what you’re selling and why you’re selling it.

3. Reinvent yourself

Perhaps the most important lesson that Disney can teach us is that of reinvention. Taking risks is scary but, when we don’t, things can become stale and boring. While Disney has so many timeless classics – from its original films, to its signature theme park rides, and famous characters – it also consistently adds new things to its line-up and redevelops old concepts, cleverly combining a blend of old and new.

Keep doing the things your company is great at – but try and do them differently to how you, or anyone else, has done them before. Adapt and improve not just the things that didn’t work, but the things that did work to keep your brand image fresh and exciting!

“First think, second dream, third believe. And finally, dare.”

– Walt Disney

4. The power of branding

People from around the globe instantly recognize the Disney branding – way beyond the logo. And while Disney do have time on their side, with a long-established presence that spans more than 8 decades, they have successfully built and perfected consistency across their content production, merchandise and hospitality. Always linking back to their “magical” vision.

No matter what industry you’re in, providing consistency in everything your brand does will leave behind a valuable and lasting impression on your customers. Every time you share content or send out a communication, be sure it delivers the brand experience you want.

5. Team work makes the dream work

Behind the scenes of the magic on our screens is a team, all united by the same Disney vision.  Successful leadership, effective planning and a thriving workplace culture all contribute to an incredible customer journey. Understanding your employees and engaging them in your goals and beliefs will ultimately have an impact on how your company performs and the way your brand is perceived.

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