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5 ‘virtual’ Halloween marketing ideas for your small business

The spooky season is rapidly approaching, and for many business owners, that means it’s time to plan for your Halloween marketing and promotions.

Due to Covid-19, Halloween will be very different this year, but there are still plenty of ways your small business can prepare for the ghoulish season.

There are lots of complex ways to market for Halloween, but simply taking the time to play with the small details can make a huge difference. After all, Halloween is a great opportunity to broaden engagement, generate leads, and attract more customers to your business.

Add spooky elements to your brand design

The Halloween period is a great time to playfully interact with customers and build excitement across your social media channels. Adding slight seasonal adjustments to your marketing materials and brand design will boost your marketing efforts and immerse your business in the Halloween spirit.

To engage your customers, altering your logo is a simple and fun way to start. Adding a pumpkin, ghost, or bat wings to your brand logo, for example, will instantly inject some spooks into your brand image.

Send out a ghoulish email promotion

Email marketing is a handy tool to keep your customers involved in your promotions and content, so why not spice up your emails with a sense of mystery to increase your conversions, and reach potential prospects.

Try grabbing your reader’s interest by starting the email with a Halloween-related message or pun.  After all, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get crafty with your subject lines.

Incorporate hair-raising hashtags

Hashtags can be an effective way to generate buzz and bring a spooky discussion together on social media, increasing your likelihood of reaching a wider audience. If you’re not using hashtags already on your social platforms, then a holiday like Halloween is a great time to start exploring.

Combine eye-grabbing content with trending hashtags to increase your engagement levels. Using relevant and relatable hashtags is key to making sure your brand’s content is getting in front of the right people and appearing within the trending activity where possible. Additionally, try hosting a hashtag-fuelled contest with your followers to help raise brand awareness.

BOOst engagement with themed customer challenges

With fewer customers visiting businesses this year, try to bring together your social media followers by hosting a photo contest for Halloween. Whether followers submit a photo of a spooktacular ghost sighting, their fangtastic costumes, or their ghoulish Halloween makeup – you’re sure to generate engagement from potential customers.

Encourage your followers to post by picking a prize as an incentive and share the results on your social media page. This marketing strategy is an age-old way to give your brand awareness a spike overnight. You can also post photos of your staff members in their spooky costumes to get things started, and your followers will be sure to follow in their footsteps.

Add some magic to your Pay-Per-Click advertising

Although PPC can be a daunting task, it’s often one of the most effective ways to capture quality leads online and trigger more sales. Halloween-related searches have increased year after year, so if you have any Halloween promotions or specific Halloween products, PPC is a brilliant way to market them to a much wider audience.

Despite Halloween-specific keywords being slightly more costly, you can still research keywords that can target both Halloween as well as your sector.

Including the occasional play on words or even offering your customers a spooktacular discount for Halloween can encourage more traffic and in turn boost your sales.

For more seasonal business tips, check out our top 5 spooks for small businesses

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