Do I need a 24/7 telephone answering service?

Extending your answering hours could transform your business

The chances are, if you’re seeking an answer to this question, you probably do.

Do you start each morning with a bunch of missed calls? Do your competitors offer 24/7 support for their clients and customers? Are you missing opportunities from callers who can’t reach out during normal business hours? If so, your business would certainly benefit from a 24-hour telephone answering service.

With a 24-hour telephone answering (or call answering) service, you can be sure your callers are enjoying an incredible customer service experience, no matter the time or day they get in touch. No waiting, no frustration, just a professional receptionist taking your calls as if they were based in your business.

What kinds of businesses need to offer a 24-hour contact number?

  • Emergency plumbers, electricians, and building repair specialists
  • Out-of-hours doctors’ offices and hospital emergency rooms
  • Out-of-hours dentists
  • Animal shelters and out-of-hours vets
  • Fraud reporting departments in banks
  • Hotels and airlines
  • International businesses with customers in different time zones
  • Roadside recovery services/tow trucks
  • Anyone who wants to deliver red carpet service; law firms, private clinics, niche or high-value services

What kinds of businesses would benefit from having a 24-hour contact number?

All businesses with customers who might want to speak to them would benefit from having someone available to answer calls 24-hours a day. The key is to balance that benefit with the cost it represents. If you run a local drug store, it’s unlikely that being unavailable outside of normal working hours would cause many problems. However, if you have an international client base or offer services that come with a sense of urgency – like internet repair – you would do well to consider around-the-clock customer service.

Limit the expense by using an outsourced call answering service instead of your own in-house hire. With an answering service, you’ll only pay for calls taken, rather than the time spent waiting for the phone to ring.

What are the benefits of a telephone answering service?

Unlike a message-taking service or call center, a professional phone answering service assigns one person to your account – not just the ‘next available operator’. Your receptionist will get to know you and take a full brief so they can understand the way you do business. They will answer calls in the way you request (usually a greeting that includes your business name) and get to know your regular callers just like any other member of your team.

There’s a wealth of other benefits, here’s just a few;

  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality brand experience
  • Cost saving and scalable
  • No missed opportunities
  • Flexible – only there when needed
  • Messages received right away

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