Free resource: Putting empathy at the heart of customer care

Despite it being the digital age, human connection has never been so powerful. But what does this mean for modern businesses? More and more companies are recognizing the importance of truly understanding their customers’ emotions and feelings amidst the aftermath of Covid-19 and anxiety caused by restrictions. Those who are looking to deliver an exceptional customer experience must now put empathy above all else.​

“The pandemic has changed the relationships we have with our peers, colleagues and customers. The business winners of the last two years prioritized empathy, but as the world returns to normal, we have to make sure we don’t forget these valuable lessons.”

Joanna Swash, Moneypenny Group CEO ​

Aided with the expert insight of Sandra Thompson, founder of The Ei Evolution, Moneypenny has developed this guide to educate businesses on how they can build stronger relationships with both their customers and staff. You’ll also find practical tips on the most effective language to use, active listening and empathetic leadership, along with a quick quiz to determine how empathetic you really are.