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Hiring? How to lighten the load

Hiring How to lighten the load

An ambitious attorney with their own practice will soon get to the stage where they need to hire support.

This could be in the shape of another attorney to take the weight of the cases. Or support staff to help with admin piling up.

This is a good thing. It means that you have enough work coming in to justify making this milestone step.

Allison Williams, founder of Law Firm Mentor – who helps solo and small firms with their growth ambitions through management, marketing and strategic planning – told the Maximum Lawyer podcast of the importance of hiring your first associate, discussing when exactly to make that hire.

Allison said that attorneys should look at their caseload:

“If you’re not getting to 25% of your work on a daily basis, over at least a one month period, it’s time to hire.” 

She also said that attorneys usually have more work than they realize. So they may not recognize when they absolutely need to hire help.

We agree with this statement. At Moneypenny, we’ve been supporting law firms for over a decade. We’ve seen small firms become larger firms, but still struggle to manage everything that comes with running a business.

Many attorneys will get to the point where they hire their first associate to help with their caseload, but forget about the operational side of their business. After all, that’s exactly what a law firm is.

How outsourcing can help when making your first hire

To keep your growing firm running smoothly when you have your new associates in place, you might want to consider a call answering service, such as Moneypenny, too.

A call answering service will take the pressure off you by ensuring all calls are professionally answered straight away, and thorough messages are taken – leaving you and your associates to concentrate on working through your cases.

As Allison said, instead of doing what most attorneys do, ‘skimming the ocean by doing just enough to keep clients happy,’ you could level up your firm by giving them the first-class service they deserve.

To find out more about how a legal-specialist call answering service can help you lighten your workload, speak to our team or take a FREE trial today.

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