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How law firms can use Live Chat to win more clients

In the years we have been working with the legal profession, we haven’t seen a game-changer embraced by so many law firms quite like Live Chat.

At Moneypenny, the demand for managed Live Chat (chats handed by real people, rather than bots) by law firms has gone up 115% in the past 12 months. Pre-lockdown, 35% of legal chats resulted in a lead or new business.

During lockdown, we saw that increase to 65% for many firms. Live Chat helps to remove the friction from your website, which may prevent someone from reaching out e.g. a complicated site, or lack of quote options.

Why are we the experts on managed Live Chat? We have developed our people and technology recipe which is proving extremely popular with all businesses, including law firms.

We’ve put together this guide to explain how Live Chat will work on your website and the different ways it can encourage people to work with your firm.

How Live Chat works

Adding Live Chat from Moneypenny to your website is an easy five-minute job – much like adding Google Analytics code.

1. Extend your opening hours

Using Live Chat to ‘extend’ opening hours is ideal for websites with high traffic during evenings and weekends. Just as people ‘couch surf’
for houses on Zillow in the evenings, we do so for other life admin – including legal advice.

46% of chats Moneypenny answers for law firms take place out of office hours or at weekends.  That’s a lot of potential missed cases without Live Chat, so give these browsers a real person to help with their query.

2. Your own website concierge

Live Chat is perfect for a busy website that people struggle to navigate. Let’s step into your website visitors’ shoes for a moment: they’re busy and potentially distressed, and the last thing they need to feel is overwhelmed by choices. This is where Live Chat can help, by directing people to what they need to see – fast.

94% of consumers say your website must be easy to navigate

– Clutch survey

3. Display the relevant messaging to the area of law

Many law firms cover multiple areas of practice, which can confuse people browsing website pages. Here, the language and text and language used on your Live Chat message can be tailored to the specific page it appears on.

For example, many people searching for a real estate attorney are wanting a quote for their services. A proactive chat message asking the visitor if they are looking for a quote can prompt them to make an inquiry.

4. Provide live FAQs

Here, Live Chat is ideal for firms that are asked repeat questions. Live Chat offers relevant, direct and real-time help based on the content the person is viewing

If the same questions keep coming up, you can use Live Chat as an interactive FAQ tool. It’s a great way to start a conversation and then obtain contact information to book a follow-up call and to drive more inquiries into your case pipeline.

It  helps you to understand exactly what people need to know from you , and encourages people to leave their details once they’ve asked a question.

5. Welcome back return visitors

It can take multiple visits to your website before people feel ready to take the next step and ask for legal advice. Live Chat can act as a friendly way to encourage people to contact you.

80% of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences – Epsilon research

Live Chat can recognize returning visitors to your website and welcome them back with a bespoke message. This could be all it takes to get them to officially inquire with your firm.

And according to Salesforce, 59% of people say personalized engagement based on their previous interactions with a website is very important to winning their business.

6. Prioritize valuable leads with chatbot technology

The nature of your law firm may mean that your Live Chat facility is the go-to for routine questions that don’t require a tailored response by a real person. If this is the case, an automated chatbot could be the best option for your website.

This clever feature starts by asking your visitor to specify the details of their inquiry. If they click on a request for a quote, their inquiry will be sent straight to your in-house team or a Live Chat agent.

For anything else, they will be asked to choose from one of the following options to progress their query:

How to set up Live Chat

If you’re interested in Live Chat for your law firm’s website, we’ll need the following information to get you started. Of course, you can update and change any of these details with your dedicated Account Manager at any point. We’re here to help you!

And any other specific details you think we will need to know about your firm when handling chats.

If you want to speak to one of our friendly and informative team about what Live Chat could do for your website, or to take a FREE trial, call 866.202.0005 today.

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