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How to make clients happy

How to make clients happy

Keeping clients happy is vital to running a firm of any size. But solo and small practices may feel the pressure more keenly than larger firms.

While you might worry about where your next client will come from, what about the clients you have?

Repeat business can make up a large part of your revenue stream, with referrals contributing to a significant part of new business, so it pays to keep clients satisfied with your service.

It all boils down to good old-fashioned ‘customer service’.

In his book, Building a Better Law Practice: Become a Better Lawyer in Five Minutes a Day, Jeremy W. Richter outlines his 8 steps that make clients happy*:

  1. Maintain contact – your client needs information and your assurances.
  2. Answer and immediately issue discovery 
  3. Engage in aggressive motion practice, as needed – your client needs to know they are a priority and you need the proper responses to best represent them.
  4. Make an early evaluation of liability and potential damages – this is key throughout as your client is attempting to evaluate risk and set reserves.
  5. Conduct an early analysis for resolution strategies – positioning cases for early resolution may not positively affect your billable hours, but your client will be happier and happy clients keep sending work.
  6. Present a balanced view of a case’s strengths and weaknesses – sugarcoating your analysis may result in false expectations that lead to doubt and mistrust.
  7. Provide a proposed budget – this aids in sound decision making.
  8. Explain tactics and procedural issues – your relationship with the client should be collaborative because your interests are aligned.

*Attribution: Building a Better Law Practice: Become a Better Lawyer in Five Minutes a Day and the American Bar Association.

This is excellent advice. We’d also say that communication can’t be understated when it comes to keeping clients happy.

It’s one thing we’re told by the hundreds of law firms we work with – communication is king. Particularly when it comes to client calls.

How communication can make clients happy

Be there when they call – no client wants to call repeatedly, hoping for an answer. If you’re too busy to take a call, a Call Answering Service can help alleviate the pressure by answering the calls you can’t get to.

Remember their name – it’s so easy to forget a name on a call. Or even forget to ask for a name.

A Virtual Receptionist will do this as standard, and Moneypenny software means your Moneypenny Receptionist will automatically know the names of repeat callers – great for keeping long-standing clients happy.

Get the details – the same goes for taking down a detailed message; name, number, and what they need are the basics, but so often overlooked by busy attorneys.

Reassure you’ll call back – your clients are just as busy as you are, and they could be stressed about their case.

What matters most is speaking to their attorney. If this isn’t possible, give them reassurance that their call will be returned and ask when they are available.

This simple act can increase your client’s satisfaction.

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