Improving customer service through managed live chat

Did you know that 37% of live chats occur outside of standard business hours? Customer service is actually one of the most vital aspects to the success of any business, and never more so than in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Businesses across the world employ a range of different tactics to help improve customer satisfaction. One of the most effective, yet simple, ways to do this is by enhancing lines of communication between your business and your current and prospective customers. And live chat is the ideal way of offering a high standard of customer service.

As companies have begun to reopen and resume service, communication is a key component in ensuring a successful recovery. Being able to offer customers an online channel where they can easily reach you can facilitate new business opportunities.

About live chat options for your business

Live chat (in one form or another) has been around for longer than you may think. However, over the past few years, it has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity within the business world. It presents a whole host of opportunities for a company, with one of the biggest benefits being its impact on customer service satisfaction levels.

For those that don’t have the adequate resources to man live chat conversations throughout the day (and into the evening), a fully managed live chat is the ideal solution to ensure each and every chat request is seen and replied to. So, how can this service truly benefit your business and what are the live chat customer service best practices?

What next?

With an average consumer satisfaction rating of 92%*, it is clear that for brilliant results, an effectively managed live chat customer service is the answer. Speak to our team at Moneypenny today to start your FREE trial of our outsourced live chat service and experience the amazing benefits for yourself. Contact us today on877 691 7359. Meanwhile, ensure you head over to our blog. for further insights on how live chat customer service software can benefit your business.