Join our Lunchtime Learn – mini webinar series

Lots of our clients are asking us for the latest ways to keep in touch with customers and employees – to save money, be more efficient and generally deliver a better service experience across the board. That’s why we’ve put this free mini webinar series together, to give you and your team no-nonsense, practical information on three of the hottest communication channels right now:

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams: The efficiency booster – 30 mins
We’ll discuss how Teams has emerged as the leading application for facilitating hybrid working since the pandemic, our predictions for the future and how you can drive significant efficiencies for your business with our unique integration. Register now >

Live Chat Web

Live Chat: The lead generator – 30 mins
We’ll explore this popular channel’s spike in demand over the past 2 years and share real examples of how it can solve some of your biggest business challenges and convert more web visitors into valuable leads. Register now >

Lead Capture

Lead Capture: The new business qualifier – 30 mins
We’ll explain how being proactive when it comes to follow up can uncover hidden gems in your leads and grow the relationships you have with new, existing and even non-engaged customers. Register now >

We’ve so much insight to share. As our client, you should benefit. For more information on our mini-series, or anything else, we’re always available on 866.202.0005.