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Join our Zoom event – The Future of the Office

Joins us on Thursday April 22nd 12pm EST


Survival is not of the strongest, but of the most adaptable.

The past 12 months have turned the working world on its head and businesses are adapting their physical workplaces at a speed not seen for generations.

They now face big decisions about how they will manage their workforces from here on – whether to bring staff back into the office, allow for flexible ‘hybrid working’, or continue to lean on technology while working remotely, and how to manage the subsequent social and output implications.

Challenging, yes. But there are some serious opportunities here to grasp.

Now is the time for businesses to iron out kinks in communication, working patterns, and lags in productivity, whilst also adapting to new demands in the office.

Hosted by Julia Hobsbawn, our expert panel of workplace specialists will discuss the implications and advantages of the future office, to help you understand how to turn this changing time into your advantage, covering topics including:

  • Why businesses shouldn’t fear flexible working for staff
  • How technology is enabling full and remote working patterns
  • The technology enabling full remote and hybrid working
  • How to manage generational expectations within one office
  • The need for sensitivity when carrying out implementations

Meet the speakers:

Joanna Swash

Joanna is Group CEO of an international business that has grown to employ more than 1000 people across continents, turning over £50m in 2020. Joanna played a key role overseeing the company’s entry into the US market, as well as subsequent private equity investment by ECI Partners in 2018 to accelerate Moneypenny’s UK & US plans for expansion and acquisition.


Eric Shurke

Eric is CEO North America at VoiceNation and Moneypenny responsible for overseeing and building the strong growth plans for both companies in the US by incorporating lean operational practices and creating a strong company culture. His knowledge and leadership have been focused on driving great customer experiences, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth.


Julia Hobsbawn

Julia is the Chair of the Demos Workshift Commission and the author of the new report The Nowhere Office. She is the author of 5 books including the award-winning The Simplicity Principle which won two awards for Best Business Book and Best General Self-Help book 2020 in the USA. Julia addresses the problems and solutions of humans in the machine age, specifically how to achieve simplicity in complex times of the post-pandemic workplace.


Jeff Haden

Jeff is a speaker, ghostwriter, LinkedIn Influencer, Inc. Magazine contributing editor, and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Motivation Myth. He also spent twenty years in manufacturing, starting as an entry-level shop floor employee and working his way up through a variety of technical and leadership positions to eventually oversee a 1,000-employee facility.


Dr Eliza Filby

Eliza is a writer, speaker and researcher who specialises in what she calls ‘Generational Intelligence’ helping companies and services understand generational shifts within politics, society and the workplace. She is passionate about the cause of age diversity and bringing the generations together through greater empathy.


It’s not to be missed!

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