Law firms: How to improve call handling skills

It should go without saying that, in any industry that requires you to make and receive calls, good phone handling skills and etiquette are a must. This is particularly important for those businesses working in the law field.

The team here at Moneypenny answers around two million calls a year for legal firms. That’s a staggering figure of potential business that no firm can afford to pass up. And it isn’t only lost income that firms are potentially missing out on by ignoring these calls.; in any area of law, the quality and delivery of legal services have never been more scrutinized.

Clients have increasingly high expectations, and the pressure’s on to convert new business opportunities as quickly as possible at any given opportunity.

At Moneypenny, we are seeing a growing number of law firms seeking information on how to improve their call handling skills and adopt best practices when it comes to their phone handling skills.

Many are keen to gain a competitive edge in a tough climate, they have recognized that it’s not just about answering phone calls; it’s about making sure those calls are answered in the best possible way, by the best possible people who can make the most of those opportunities.

Call handling tips

So, what can firms need to do to ensure they’re not losing business as a result of poor phone handling skills? Here are three powerful yet simple phone answering etiquette tips to consider.

Get professional call handling with a Moneypenny receptionist

At Moneypenny, our dedicated legal team are on-hand 24/7 to field calls on your behalf. Answering calls in your firm's name, they'll ensure no call goes unanswered and every caller receives a professional, welcome response - every time. Your Moneypenny receptionist will handle overflow calls when you're busy or out of the office, or you can rely on them to answer calls on a full-time basis, forwarding urgent calls to you immediately and notifying you of any messages to follow up on when you're available again. From independent attorneys to international legal firms, we support hundreds of leading businesses like yours every day in delivering an exceptional client experience. Get in touch today to try our free, free, 7-day trial, with no setup costs or expectations to sign up once the trial ends. We also offer live chat and virtual receptionist services to help boost the omnichannel potential of your business. And for even more in-depth articles like this one, you can head over to the Moneypenny blog.