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National South Carolina Day: Celebrating Moneypenny’s US home, Charleston 

August 31st marks National South Carolina Day here in the US. 

And with this in mind, we thought now would be the perfect time to explore our fantastic US home in the heart of Charleston and uncover why we chose this beautiful city as the base for our US family.

We spoke to Vice President of US operations, Mel Carlen and some of our US Moneypennies to tell us more:

For those who don’t know, why did Moneypenny choose Charleston for their US HQ? 

Mel: “In the UK, Moneypenny’s birthplace, we’re known as the happiest office in the land – and Charleston was voted the happiest place to live & work in the US. So naturally, it seemed like the perfect place for us to base our US operation.”

And does it live up to its ‘happy’ title? 

Mel: “Absolutely! We’ve been here 5 years now and in that time we’ve grown 60% year-on-year, so I think that’s proof that it is indeed a happy place and it’s the right place for Moneypenny.”

Let’s hear some of the reasons why Charleston is the happiest place to live & work! We asked our US team to reveal their favorite things about the SC city… 

Mel, VP: “Aside from the amazing, welcoming people and beautiful Downtown areas, my favorite thing about this city is the vast options for food and drink. The local microbreweries are my favorite haunts, Dockery’s on Daniel Island is my absolute favorite place for food, service, and delicious locally-brewed beer.”

Having five beaches in your back yard is pretty special!

Becca, Team Leader: “Having five beaches in your backyard is pretty special! The (mostly) beautiful weather is great… minus the occasional hurricane! The friendly folks in Charleston are the best, and – take note – you’ll be sure to add a few pounds to your waistline here as the southern food is simply AMAZING!”

LaNeisha, Receptionist: “What I love most about Charleston is the food, The Battery Promenade, and the beautiful beaches! My favorite dish here is the Harbour Saute’ from Bear E Patch Cafe West – a must if you love shrimp & grits!”

You can’t beat walking along The Battery and seeing the dolphins play!

Heidy, Team Leader: “I love shopping at the City Market, it’s filled with booths of local sellers, and you can buy lots of local goodies & delicacies. You also can’t beat walking along The Battery and seeing the dolphins play in the ocean!”

Sparkle, Receptionist: “My favorite part of Charleston has to be the beautiful parks! There’s Colonial Lake, located in Charleston’s Downtown – a great spot to relax and unwind. Then you have Hampton Park next to the Citadel, perfect for exercising or picnics. And last but not least, Riverfront Park for gorgeous waterfront views and fishing.”

Don’t forget to throw in a craft of mimosas!

Jeanne, Operations Manager: Who doesn’t love living on the coast? It’s great being able to boat to so many beaches and we have the best southern food! Page’s Okra Grill has the best sweet tea, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, and pimento cheese – oh, and don’t forget to throw in a craft of mimosas!”

What I love most about Charleston is the hospitality of the people here!

Kasey, Receptionist: “What I love most about Charleston is the hospitality of the people here! Not to mention all the historic architecture, the beautiful beaches, and the stunning waterfront.”

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