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Our new home – open day

The heart of Moneypenny US – what an incredible space.

We held an open day to showcase our brand new office. The team showed many of our awesome clients around our new place and Moneypenny Receptionists had the pleasure of meeting their clients, after many years of working together, for the first time.


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Charlotte Glover, Director of Operations: It is so great to see all these people, that have come to our space and are enjoying time together learning more about Moneypenny. Several times tonight, I’ve seen a receptionist meet their client for the first time and it’s so fun for them – they’ve spoken on the phone together for years, and then to meet face to face, it’s a great experience for both the client and the receptionist.

Jennifer Herndon, Technical Support Manager: Moneypenny’s different from other services because we provide you things that no one else can, like a dedicated receptionist.

Client:  The best part about Moneypenny, is that I know who is going to be answering my phone all the time.

Client:  Having someone there to answer a call, every single time the phone rings, gives us more appeal to clients, professionalism.

Client: The phone gets answered right away, so my customers are happier – that’s what’s important.

Client: The amount of increase in my business has been tremendous. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Charlotte Glover, Director of Operations: At Moneypenny we love to chat! So having all these folks come and visit us and meet their receptionist is great fun for us.

Erin Moody, Moneypenny Receptionist: What excites me about Moneypenny is the opportunity for growth that we have right now. With our new office, I just, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Jennifer Herndon, Technical Support Manager: To walk into this new space is amazing. I feel absolutely proud to be a part of such a successful growing company.

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