The pros and cons of auto-attendant software

An auto attendant phone system can hugely benefit your business. If you are unsure how it can improve your line of work or don’t know what it entails, we are here to answer your questions.

We’ve efficiently rounded up the pros and cons of utilizing a telephone auto attendant to help you understand this service in more detail. If you’re wondering, “what is an auto attendant?” and have other queries regarding this software, simply read on.

What does auto attendant phone software entail?

Essentially, an auto attendant phone system helps to route callers to the right person or department.

When it comes to a large or small business, a phone system with an auto-attendant can be highly beneficial. In particular, large organizations are well known for using these systems because they are a quick and affordable way to manage a large volume of callers. It also removes the process of employing a potentially vast number of receptionists or call center agents to filter and forward callers to the correct extension.

When you call a company with a telephone auto-attendant, you will be greeted with a self-serve menu. You might, for example, be asked to – press 1 for the sales department; press 2 for aftercare; etc.

A telephone auto-attendant can also allow callers to carry out basic tasks or transactions such as making a payment; without even having to speak to someone. As a business owner, if you were to use auto-attendant software, then as soon as your callers dialed a particular number to reach your company, they would be greeted with a recorded message.

Afterwards, they will be given the appropriate menu options. This level of automation has several advantages and disadvantages.