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Step up your conversion game

If you’re like most attorneys, you want to increase the number of interested people you convert into clients.

Of course you do, it’s what keeps your firm motoring along. But even if you’re getting a bunch of interest, turning this into fee payers can be tricky.

What people want when shopping for an attorney is much the same as browsing for a quote for any other service: speed and connection.

How quickly you respond and how easy it is to contact you really matters when they first reach out to you.

Here’s how you can step up your conversion game:

Quick response time is crucial

Speed is key in client conversion. The longer a person has to wait between getting in touch with your law firm and you responding, the less likely that they’ll give you their case.

According to the Hiring an Attorney 2019 report by Martindale-Avvo, the biggest deterrent to hiring an attorney is a slow response (54%).

The research also showed that 35% of people took a week or less to decide on an attorney to hire, and 22% took only 1-3 days to make their choice. This means that you don’t have time not to respond to their inquiry.

Taking your time is not only frustrating for your prospect, but gives them the opportunity to speak to a competitor firm. You could have lost business before you’d even spoken with them.

Be ready with the top channels of connection

According to a survey commissioned by Moneypenny, the top channels of communication for law firms are:

  • Phone 55%
  • Email 46%
  • Live Chat 24%

To increase the chance that an interested person gets in touch, make sure these channels are up and running properly.

Ensure your phone number is clearly displayed on your website – you’d be surprised by the number of firms that don’t do this!

Monitor your inquiry email account. This can easily be overlooked, but given the huge number of people who prefer to email, it pays to keep a constant eye on this. Or get someone else to if you can’t.

Put live chat on your website. This simple tool will mop up any interested browsers and collect their details. A fast response to their chat could help bring them onto the books.

Nail that initial call

No one wants to be met with a rushed phone conversation and only half their details being taken. It just doesn’t scream ‘give me your business’. Make sure that when a prospect calls, they are greeted properly.

A friendly hello; a professional receptionist taking down names, contact details, and a message; and the reassurance that their call will be returned at their convenience.

A Moneypenny Receptionist can do this for you, whenever you are too busy to take calls yourself. Answering in your firm’s name, they can take all of the details you need, giving the caller confidence that your firm is the right choice.

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