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Tighten up your web forms

Being contactable from your website is vital.

A good web form or contact form is a simple, yet effective, alternative to a phone number or email address.

It gives good customer service and could generate more leads for you – so it’s a no-brainer. So, how can you make sure your web form is best serving you?

Give web visitors a reason to fill in your web form

According to LawLytics, it isn’t enough to simply have a web form on your website, the visitor must be compelled to complete it.

But often the reason why they should complete the form isn’t obvious.

For instance, are they filling it out for a request for more information? Are they looking for a quote? Or perhaps a demo?

Making it clear and specific could increase the chances of completed forms.

Be quick at responding to requests

Online law firm community, Lawyerist, states:

“More than 40% of people who fill out a web form have to wait up to two or three days before they get a response from a law firm.”

When you think about it, this is crazy. These are hot leads from people interested in your services right now!

Filling out a web form is the first step in their customer journey with you, so you want the whole experience and process to be smooth and long lasting. 

Just as you would hire the right person to answer the phone in a timely and professional manner, you should treat web forms with the same level of importance.

If you’re not able to monitor and respond to your completed web forms yourself, pass this on to a less busy member of your team who has the capacity to manage these.

Alternatively, set an alert to notify you when a form is filled out and respond to them as and when they come in.

Keep your web form simple

Too many form fields to fill out can be incredibly off-putting. According to Customer Legal Marketing, web form completions increase with fewer mandatory fields.

They cite a 25% conversion rate for forms with only 3 fields – compared with 20% with 3-5 fields and 15% with 6 or more fields.

So it’s definitely worth keeping your form to the minimum information you require.

If you want more form fields, you can always make them optional. Hubspot research found that forms asking for age, phone number, and address performed considerably less than those without, so consider making these fields non-mandatory on your web forms.

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