Uncover the true cost of your missed calls

What if I told you that you were missing out on a third of all new inquiries?

With 1 in 3 business calls missed, that’s exactly what is happening right now in companies all across America.

Until now, figuring out the true cost of missed calls was pure guesswork. That’s why we created the Call Calculator to help businesses understand their own unique needs, and improve the accuracy of inbound sales forecasts.

A free tool to enhance and refine your sales strategy

So, what is the Call Calculator? It’s a clever tool designed to help business owners uncover the true cost of their missed calls, and suggest improvements they can make to save money and increase revenue.

Take just 30 seconds to use our Call Calculator and you’ll find out exactly how much the calls you miss are costing your business. It requires only a few high-level details about your call volume, availability and value of sale. The calculator combines your information with our data insights to deliver a clear picture of the revenue you’re missing out on.

What’s in it for you?

Customers calling your business save the time and money you’d have to spend on name gathering, buying data, market research, cold calling, advertising and marketing campaigns in order to reach them. Inbound inquiries are gold, yet a third could be missed every day.

There’s no catch, just a really good reason to consider the true cost of your missed calls and a handy new tool to help you see what you can do to ensure you capture every new opportunity. Try it now, you’ll be shocked by what you discover!

Try our calculator

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