What is a call answering service?

A call answering service is an outsourced service provider who will answer calls on behalf of your company as if they were based in your office.

Service levels, prices and quality differ from provider to provider but the core offering remains the same. Not to be confused with a message taking service where calls are handled by ‘the next available operator’, a call answering service will offer dedicated receptionists who get to know your business and function as part of your team.

Why do businesses use call answering services?

Businesses of all sizes use call answering services to free up their time for key tasks and make sure they don’t miss important calls – avoiding the inevitable lost revenue that comes from customers who go elsewhere when their calls are unanswered. A call answering service can be used for all calls 24/7, for overflow support (taking calls when you’re too busy) or out-of-hours cover.

Beyond these general practicalities, a call answering service is also great for smaller businesses who want to improve the impression of their operation’s size, quality and professionalism.

Does it really matter if I miss a few calls?

Take a moment to consider every call you get as an opportunity to make money; Who’s calling? Is it a brand new inquiry? Returning customer? It could be someone you’ve spoken to before who needs just one more question answered to get them on board. When you see your callers this way (and not just interruptions to your working day), the calls you miss become missed opportunities.

Whether it’s lost leads or bad customer experiences, every missed opportunity has the potential to impact your bottom line or damage your reputation. A larger company might consider employing someone to solve these problems, but with the average salary for a receptionist in the US at $28,390 this isn’t always an option – the most effective cost saving alternative is a high quality call answering service.

Introducing Moneypenny

Moneypenny is the world’s leading Call Answering and Live Chat provider, offering solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our Call Answering Service, you will have your own dedicated Moneypenny Receptionist – someone you know and trust to answer your calls exactly as if they were based in your office.

Our Phone Answering Service is ideal for small businesses who want to ensure;

  • every call will be answered promptly and professionally
  • an excellent first impression for new customers
  • time saved from unwanted canvassing calls
  • every new inquiry is captured
  • the flexibility to use our services only when they need them
  • peace of mind – you’ll never disappoint an important client or miss an opportunity again

To find out how you will benefit from our amazing people and technology, take advantage of our FREE trial. Experience our full service for a whole week with no set-up costs, no admin charges and absolutely no ongoing commitment. You have nothing to lose, contact Moneypenny today on 866.202.0005.