Why use a dedicated legal receptionist?

You might have considered working with a virtual receptionist before, or maybe you already use an outsourced phone answering service.

But an outsourced receptionist who specializes in answering calls for law firms could give you the professional edge you’re looking for.

For over two decades, Moneypenny has been supporting law firms with their calls, whenever they need. We’ve come to understand exactly how firms want their calls answered, what information they require from their callers and clients, and the kind of people they want answering their calls.

This is why we have a team of receptionists, solely dedicated to working within the legal sector. Our legal virtual receptionists are hand-picked to work with our clients because of their professionalism, efficiency, and consistency.

As Bridgette Jernigan, Team Manager for Moneypenny, explains:

“My clients love the peace of mind our service provides. They don’t have to worry about keeping on top of calls or missing important inquiries. We handle everything for them. They also know they can rely on me and my team to respond and react quickly to any queries they have, or changes to their business – we’re only ever a phone call or email away.”

Our legal phone answering service is available 24/7, and our dedicated team can answer as many or as few calls as you need them to. You can either route all calls to your virtual legal receptionist, or just when you are unavailable – you choose.

Brad Nicodemus, Attorney for Nicodemus Law Office, puts:

“Debbie, my Moneypenny Receptionist, answers any calls I can’t get to. She has a good understanding of the legal industry which is clearly reflected in the quality of the messages I receive. My clients are happier as they no longer speak with my answering machine.

“Moneypenny’s tech is great too. With their app I can view my messages instantly and update Debbie on my availability throughout the day. I also use the portal daily to check my call stats and triage messages.”

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