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Why you need a professional business telephone number


Many businesses don’t recognize the power that a business phone number can have.

A professional business number presents a whole host of opportunities for companies, which far outweigh the small cost of actually implementing said number.

As working practices change and more businesses offer remote, flexible and even office-less working,  cellphones are now used as one of a business’ primary sources of communication.

Customers are 3x more likely to call a business number than a cellphone.

However, many mistakenly continue to use their cell number for their business. This is something that we would strongly recommend against as it can lead to a variety of disadvantages for both business owners and employees; from an increased risk of hacking and nuisance calls, to poor customer service. Not to mention, keeping personal and business calls separate is essential to gaining that all-important work-life balance.

So, what can a business phone number bring to your business?

The benefits of a professional business number

Marketing opportunities

Particularly for businesses with more than one employee, using a cellphone number means no consistency for customers wanting to contact the business. A business phone number means that you have one dedicated number that can be placed on all business listings, website, email footers and other marketing materials. Often a company will also use a receptionist from their dedicated number, so that calls can be re-directed to the appropriate person without the necessity of paying for multiple numbers.

Work-life balance

Research has found that one in four people are overworking by ten hours each week. Finding that crucial work-life balance is challenging at the best of times, and businesses using a cellphone number rather than an established business number will find this balance significantly more difficult. Setting a professional business number will do one of two things for your work-life balance. Firstly, it will keep your personal cellphone number private. Secondly, it will provide that all-important separation between your work and home life, meaning that you can choose to screen a work call during evenings and weekends, instead sending your caller to a professional voicemail or phone answering service.

No requirement for expensive hardware or landlines

Contrary to what you may think, getting a business phone number does not have to cost an extortionate amount. A virtual phone number can redirect to whatever number or numbers you select. This means no unnecessary expense when it comes to installing landlines or purchasing handsets. In addition to this, it also means that you are not tied down to one location, allowing your business to embrace new ways of working whilst still maintaining vital communication links to your current and prospective clients.

Options for a professional phone number

With your decision made to get your business a professional phone number, the question now moves to what type of number is best? The choices are quite literally endless. First and foremost, you should consider your audience; are you targeting people on a local or national scale? This will determine whether your number will have a local or national area code.

How to get a business phone number

Here at Moneypenny, our Phone Answering service includes a free local business number for your organization, allowing you to choose the ideal number for your business. This number can then be routed to whatever number you choose and is backed by our dedicated app, allowing you to switch the destination number as and when needed.

Want to learn more? Call us today on 844 364 6618 to get started.  

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