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The Moneypenny Difference

Moneypenny Receptionists know how to make a good first impression

Our co-founders recognized from the outset the importance of making Moneypenny a pioneer in its field.

A great first impression is what sets your business apart and makes you memorable. Today, thinking and acting differently lie at the heart of everything we do as business and, along with positivity and a proactive approach, encompass everything now synonymous with being a Moneypenny Receptionist. There are 101 reasons why Moneypenny is different. Read on for 10 of the best:


It was a huge lesson early on, but time and time again it’s made all the difference: recruiting for attitude. Our three-month training program leaves only the best candidates standing. Those who remain are confident receptionists who understand the importance of making a great first impression.


Moneypenny is the world’s leading provider of phone answering and live chat solutions. We work with market-leading partners to bring awesome people and technology solutions to market, ensuring our clients reap the benefits of working flexibly and with fewer overheads. Unprecedented demand from a number of key sectors, including legal, real estate and automotive, means we also offer dedicated teams of experienced receptionists and account managers to provide tailored support.


No exceptions – we always match clients with a Moneypenny Receptionist of a similar personality. Round pegs in square holes don’t work for us, so why should we expect them to work for our clients? This invaluable exercize ensures a seamless service; customers never discover we’re a business’ best-kept secret.


We may know a thing or two about communications, but this is no reason to rest on our laurels. We work with global brands to remain ahead of the curve, and encourage continued learning as a source of motivation. We’re committed to providing teams across Moneypenny with on-going training to keep them up-to-date with best practice.


In our experience, ignore client feedback at your peril. It has driven many of the service improvements now enjoyed by our clients. From clever AI technology to route less valuable calls away from in-house receptionists, to cloud applications for managing calls on the go; listening to clients has allowed us to exceed expectations at every opportunity.


As a privately-owned business, we remain passionate about developing new products to help our clients work smarter. Within the past year alone we’ve reinvented our app, allowing clients to work even more seamlessly with their Moneypenny Receptionist; developed an Alexa skill, and we continue to push the boundaries of natural language processing to support our ground-breaking speech recognition technology.


We enjoy having an active role at many industry events, networking sessions and training workshops. Our dedicated legal, real estate, automotive and corporate account managers love talking to people in their respective industries about their businesses – on email, via social media, or even as guests at our award-winning HQ.


When someone has gone the extra mile, we feel it only right to champion their dedication. Recognition as a life-long Fellow as well as a monetary bonus in their paycheck, are small tokens of our appreciation for going out of their way to act in a client’s best interests.


A phrase we’ve coined to encompass all the intangible things that make us who we are. This is the smile that can be heard every time one of our receptionists answers a call, or the relaxed and friendly feel our visitors experience when they visit our office. Whatever it is, we do our very best to nurture it through every action, thought and decision that we make.


From our offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Moneypenny is proud to offer call answering and live chat to American businesses as well. Both our UK and US clients are now in a great position, because whatever we learn, we will share with them. Nowhere else can they access world-leading support and advice to help keep them leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.

Want to understand more about The Moneypenny Difference? Take an online tour or alternatively, call 866.202.0005 to find out more.

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