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Moneypenny adds daily joke to list of great benefits employees will receive 

This month, Moneypenny launched its biggest recruitment drive to date, with plans of expansion both at the brand new Atlanta headquarters in Duluth, GA, and its UK HQ. 

The ambitious campaign shows off the incredible working culture the company already provides for its amazing people, but the team felt something was missing. 

We thought we’d cracked it with the ‘goat with a note’, but that baaaarly scratched the surface, comments Group CEO Joanna Swash. 

Joanna continues: We needed to make a promise to these new members of staff, by utilizing the resources we already had available, to provide something employees really want in their dayThis is why we’ve taken the big step to include a daily joke to our long list of employee benefits, and we knew Michael was the man for the job. 

Introducing Michael Jester 

By day, Michael is VP of operations for Moneypenny US where he oversees the day to day running of the Atlanta office, including assisting team members with any queries, implementing and managing new tech to deliver great services to clients, and monitoring the smooth delivery of existing services.  

But by night, (and to be honest, weekends, evenings and most break times) Michael is a professional joke teller.  

Training all his life for the recognition his jokes deserve, Michael had this to say about becoming Moneypenny’s official joke teller, and taking on the responsibility of delivering the daily joke: 

It’s such an incredible opportunity, and as my name suggests, I’ve been training for some time for an opportunity like thisso it’s such an honour to be recognized for my skills. In my opinion, the addition of Workplace from Facebook has helped me increase my reach to the entire workforce, and definitely clinched the deal for me in this new role. 

This brand new benefit is the jewel in the crown of the existing advantages to working with the team at Moneypenny, including: 

  • Health insurance 
  • Free refreshments 
  • Interest free staff loan, and much more 

Vacancies are now available to join the brilliant team at Moneypenny. Find out more here: Work with us

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