Live chat: The best practices for live chat handling skills

One thing that is universally acknowledged about the average internet browser and online shopper is that they are very impatient.

If someone lands on your website and has a question, they are unlikely to search for an email address or a phone number. People want instant answers, or they’ll leave and buy from a competitor. With this in mind, live chat can drastically increase the number of website visitors who go on to become clients or customers.

The art and science of “conversion rate optimization,” or CRO, involves creating the best user experience for your website visitors and making it as easy as possible for them to make a purchase or inquire about a service.

CRO often involves split testing of designs, colors, review widgets, testimonials, buttons, and page copy. Another huge factor, however, can be the inclusion of a live chat. This service can be so beneficial for your business, but what are the recommended live chat best practices? Read on to uncover how to live chat productively.


The best practices for live chat will depend mainly on live chat goals, the type of website the live chat is on, and the baseline conversion rate. Data analysis and testing are critical to getting the most benefit from live chat while showing empathy, and building rapport remain key live chat handling skills universally.

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