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Drive leads & sales with Live Chat for real estate websites

live chat for real estate

Many people say that consumers today have extremely low attention spans. This could be true, however, people still listen to 3 hour podcasts and binge all day watching Netflix. In the digital age, it’s not necessarily that people have low attention spans, it is that they are impatient. In a world of one-click purchases and high speed broadband, people want fast answers and fast levels of service or they will go elsewhere.

The US & UK housing markets of 2021 are looking somewhat unpredictable, with record prices seen across parts of the US and Europe, despite the pandemic. While some real estate and economic experts are predicting a crash in the market, now is certainly the time to capitalize and convert as many website visitors as possible, into leads.

Adding live chat to your website can be a great way to turn cold traffic, into nurtured leads.

Live chat & Conversion Rate Optimization

Building a website is relatively straightforward for a developer or designer, but attracting and driving relevant traffic to the website can take lots of effort, and money.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of turning as many website visitors as possible into sales and leads. In regards to the Real Estate Industry, this would normally entail driving as many calls and form submissions as possible. Adding managed live chat to your real estate website however, can significantly increase the number of leads your website generates, for the same amount of marketing spend.

Website visitors are impatient, and often expect 24/7 service. In fact, our research shows that 37% of people prefer to contact a business out of hours. Whether this is due to the increase in the number of shift workers, or the general pace of life is unclear, but providing an immediate, 24 hour point of contact on your website can be a significant competitive advantage.

Installing a managed live chat solution on your website, can enable you to literally drive leads while you sleep. With a human agent working behind the live chat system, our experienced US-based team can quickly build rapport with visitors and answer questions immediately.

Our live chat agents for example, are experts in building a rapport with visitors and also collecting contact information. No matter the time of day, or day of the week, it is possible to turn a casual browser into a lead.


“Quantitatively, most entrepreneurs say that chat yields the highest on-site conversion rates”.

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With visitors valuing speed, convenience and instant gratification more than ever, live chat is consistently reported as driving the most conversion on a website, regardless of the industry. People can be more reluctant to complete a form and hand over their details straight away, or make a phone call, for fear of getting stuck on a call they don’t really want to be on. While hanging up on a call is rude, navigating away from a live chat conversation does not carry the same stigma.

Increase blog post conversion rate

Content marketing is huge right now. The term “content is king” has been thrown around the digital marketing space for a number of years, but with Google learning more every day, the best way to drive visitors to your website is with high quality content.

That being said, the conversion rate of blog posts is not always high. Many company’s will add banners and pop-ups to their blogs but these are generally ignored or they annoy visitors. Adding live chat is a great way to engage visitors, without being intrusive. For example, a visitor has been on a blog post for set amount of time, or has scrolled down to the bottom of the page, you could set up a pro-active chat to ask them if they need any help.

Setting a pro-active chat, with a timely and relevant question, can engage the visitor and give them an convenient way to open up a conversation.

Live chat & customer support

Hubspot for example, reported that 90% of customers want immediate answers to their customer service questions. Realistically, the only channel that can provide immediate answers is live chat. While phone and email certainly have their place, people do not want to wait hours for an email response and much of the time they don’t want to make the effort and take the time to call a business when it is much quicker and easier to go to a competitor’s website.

For this reason, many large organisations begin support queries with live chat. Using live chat can significantly reduce the number of customer service phone calls that you receive. For example, a potential buyer wanting to know information regarding a closing date, or a house price, can get answers quickly via a managed live chat service. This is good for the customer and the real estate agency.

Live chat can also be a great place for gaining feedback and improving both customer support and experience. For example, if many of the live chat transcripts show that visitors cannot find specific information about houses, this could inform your design going forwards. Listening to your clients needs is a great way to improve your service, with live chat you will have a database of transcripts that can inform customer service and take it to the next level.

 An important branding touchpoint

A brand is defined in many ways. It’s best defined as all the emotional and tangible touch points surrounding a product or service. If someone is interested in buying a property from your real estate business, and visits your website, then the design, speed and functionality of your website will all impact the visitor’s impression of your brand.

Offering a professional and friendly live chat point of contact that is available 24/7 can create a great impression of your brand. Not only is live chat an excellent way to increase the number of leads generated, it can also help to establish your brand as a warm and friendly real estate agency that goes the extra mile with customer service and support.

Whether a potential client calls your office or starts a live chat conversation, the first interaction is vital. With a highly trained, professional and polite live chat agent building rapport, visitors will feel important and appreciated.

 Managed live chat or chatbots?

Chat is a great way to make your website more engaging and interactive. Managed or human powered live chat allows agents to have real time conversations with visitors. Chatbots use artificial intelligence or decision tree programming to interact with visitors.

For high-value products, managed live chat is consistently touted as the preferred option. With a property being one of the most expensive things a client will ever buy, managed live chat allows agents to give specific information and support that is tailored to the individual.

With Moneypenny’s live chat service, it is possible to integrate chatbots with human live chat agents if required. If you have a particularly high number of visitors and inquiries, chatbots can assist visitors with frequently asked questions, auto-respond and help to quality leads.

Outsourcing live chat

Outsourcing live chat is a great way to improve the performance of your website, without having to employ additional staff. This saves you time and money when it comes to recruitment, training and benefits. In addition, there are no lengthy contracts with Moneypenny, so you have the additional benefit of flexibility.

With Moneypenny you can also use the live chat service on an overflow basis. When you, or another member of your team is logged in to the live chat system, chats will go straight to you. If you were to sign out or become unavailable, chats will be automatically passed to a Moneypenny live chat agent.

Why use Moneypenny?

Moneypenny has over 20 years of experience in business communications. An award winning, US-based company, Moneypenny handpick your live chat agent, to manage your live chats exactly as an in-house full-time employee would, but for a fraction of the cost.

Other benefits of using Moneypenny include:

  • A 7 day free trial with no payment details required
  • No lengthy contracts
  • 24/7 service
  • US-based live chat agents
  • Excellent reviews
  • Cloud SaaS platform
  • Optional, programmable chatbots
  • Overflow service option
  • Online reporting portal
  • Customizable live chat widget/window


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