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Choosing the best live chat software for eCommerce

live chat ecommerce

Instant support can make a huge difference when it comes to the performance of your eCommerce store.

Online shoppers are impatient and require instant answers to any queries that they may have.

Customer experience is a customer’s perception of the way a company treats and deals with them. In an online environment, where it is not easy to build brand loyalty, live chat software can make all the difference.

When you go to a physical store, you often have access to a sales assistant.

The ability to quickly ask ad hoc questions and get thoughtful answers dramatically increases the likelihood of making a purchase.

Building rapport and trust is also an essential part of the user experience, whether people are shopping online or in a bricks & mortar store.

eCommerce chat software is changing the way people shop online. It can give your store a competitive advantage and make customers feel valued and important.

When it’s challenging to compete with the eCommerce giants on price and convenience, a superior customer service level may be the edge that your store needs.

In fact, a study carried out by Walker Information found that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

This blog post will take a look at what you should look out for when choosing a live chat service provider and some of the key ways live chat can drive more eCommerce sales.

Customizable eCommerce Live Chat

One of the first things to look for in an outsourced live chat provider & live chat software for ecommerce, is how much control you have to adapt the live chat window and settings to suit your business and website.

For example, with the Moneypenny live chat service, you can customize the live chat window’s look to align with your brand. You can also customize greetings in many ways.

For example, the live chat window can proactively display different greetings, depending on which webpage a user is on.

Moneypenny live chat also allows users to tag conversations quickly so that a sales query goes straight to a member of the sales team, or a support query goes to a relevant member of the support team.

With the Moneypenny live chat service, you can program the live chat window to appear under specific situations.

Being proactive can help you to grow your business, gain loyal customers and gain valuable feedback.

For example, on a product page, if a user is scrolling up and down the page continually, or is clicking parts of the webpage that are no actually clickable, then in some instances, you can set up your live chat to proactively appear.     

eCommerce Live Chat with an Overflow Service 

An overflow service can be valuable if you have seasonal products for sale. For example, if you sell surfboards or summer shorts, your sales are likely to peak just before the summer.

Rather than recruit additional seasonal live chat agents to handle the peak times of the year, you can use a live chat provider with an overflow service to handle all of the inquiries that you get, that your full-time team is unable to deal with.

If you are a solopreneur or a small business, an overflow service can be ideal too.

For example, as a business owner, you may want to handle live chats yourself, but what happens when you need to log yourself out to deal with a customer, or when your website receives lots of interested visitors thanks to a successful marketing campaign?

Live chat agents can spring into action with an overflow service – as soon as you log yourself out or as soon as all of your in-house live chat agents are busy.

With an overflow service, you can instantly scale the number of live chats in line with the number of live chat inquiries you have.

Live Chat with 24/7 Cover

One of the great things about the internet, in general, is that you can access it 24/7.

In an age of shift workers and night owls, providing customer assistant around the clock can make a huge difference to the number of customers your website generates.

With Moneypenny Live Chat, we can handle live chat around the clock.

You can increase customer engagement, build rapport and provide an excellent customer service level, regardless of the time.

24/7 Customer Support

While it’s fantastic to have a 24/7 managed live chat service, it’s also good to know that should anything go wrong, your live chat provider has you covered at any time of the day or night.

With Moneypenny, you have access to our 24-hour support team so that you are never offline.

Live Chat Agents Integrated with AI

With Moneypenny live chat, you have the option of using programmable chatbots to auto-respond to specific, frequently asked questions.

Once you have built up a database of the common questions, using the live chat portal’s reports, you can usually handle a large percentage of online queries using this method.

When the bot’s response does not satisfy or answer the query, a live chat agent will be on hand to further assist the user.

Dedicated eCommerce Live Chat Agents 

A dedicated live chat agent can be one of the main benefits of live chat for eCommerce. Anyone who takes a free trial with Moneypenny’s live chat service has a welcome call with their primary live chat agent. During this call, you can tell us exactly how you and your team would like us to work.

The call also gives the agent time to get to know the basics of your business, the industry, and the brand, so that he or she can handle live chats appropriately.

Without the hassle of recruitment and legal paperwork, you get all the benefits of a full-time, in-house live chat agent at a fraction of the cost.

US-Based Live Chat Agents

When choosing a live chat service for eCommerce, one thing to check, is where the agents are located.

It is much easier to build a rapport and a relationship with a customer based in the US if your live chat agents are also based in the same country.

Programmable Live Chat – Reduce Shopping Cart Drop-Out

One of the most critical roles for live chat for eCommerce is to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment – the number of people who start the checkout process but never complete it.

Digital marketing website –, describes shopping cart abandonment as “the single largest obstacle for eCommerce retailers to overcome.”

The data appears to support this statement – depending on the industry, the eCommerce checkout abandonment rate varies from 50% to 85%, according to this SaleCycle report.

That’s a lot of potential customers to lose and a lot of revenue lost. It is hard to determine how effective.

Drop-off and site-exits, happen most during the checkout process.

People do this, sometimes subconsciously, want to know things such as:

– Is there a discount?

– Do I need to create an account?

– What is the shipping fee?

– Is there a return issue?

– Are there reviews for this product?

– What payment methods can I use?

There are many other reasons users drop out just before making a purchase – perhaps the site is too slow or not optimized for mobile phone users.

With this in mind, a great place to add your live chat widget is during the checkout process.

Suppose a customer is on one particular checkout-page for 30 seconds or more – you can program live chat software to popup proactively, with a specific message relevant to the specific checkout page.

You can program the Moneypenny live chat window to initiate a chat with a specific question proactively.

For example, at the start of the checkout process, if someone is on the same page for over 30 seconds, you can program your live chat window to appear with a specific question, a particular offer, or a discount code to incentivize the user to complete a transaction.

Live-Chat with Reports & Transcripts

To proactively reduce cart abandonment, you can create content that answers all the common and frequently asked questions.

For example, if users frequently ask live chat agents questions regarding shipping, then add shipping information somewhere prominent on your site.

If shipping is free, make sure this information features prominently on product pages and the initial checkout page.

Commonly cited reasons given by users for abandoning the checkout process include:

– Additional fees, e.g., tax, shipping

– Account creation issues

– Checkout process too long

– Security concerns

– Slow delivery times

– Excessive upselling

– No discount code

If any of your users are concerned about site security regarding their credit card details, then you could, for example, display some security information and trust metrics.

To reassure customers, the website could feature review scores, money-back guarantees, security credentials – for example, state the level of encryption.

If users frequently ask live chat agents where to find specific items or information, this could also help inform design.

For example, if a customer struggles to find shipping information – you could test out the impact of placing this information prominently at the start of the checkout process or on product pages.

Live Chat & Discount Codes

Live chats accompanied with discount codes can seal the deal.

The presence of a discount code section during checkout can, however, be a double-edged sword. Many users will leave the site to search for a discount code if they are prompted in any way to use one.

With this in mind, the presence of a discount code box can be tested to see how it impacts cart-completion-rates.

Live chat coupled with a discount code can make customers feel valued and important and incentivize them to make a purchase.

For example, if a user is on a checkout page or a product page for more than 30 seconds, a pro-active chat window could appear and automatically ask the customer if he or she is looking for something.

The agent can offer a time-limited discount code during the conversation to make the customer feel valued and incentivized to complete a purchase.

Why use Moneypenny Live Chat for eCommerce?

There are many reasons to use Moneypenny’s live chat service for your eCommerce site.

The service is hosted on a cloud SaaS platform, making it an easy way to add live chat to your website that is also very easy to scale should website traffic increase.

Established in 2000, Moneypenny has over 20 years of experience and knowledge regarding business communications and technology.

Our fully customizable live chat, with specialized live chat agents, is compliant with all US data legislation and provides many insightful reports inside the client portal.

With no long-term contracts and a free trial currently available, you have nothing to lose with Moneypenny’s outsourced live chat service.



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