The ‘Dundie Award’ Generator

Nearly everybody who has watched The Office has a favorite character. Some love Jim’s loyalty, some love Dwight’s authoritativeness, and others love Stanley’s uncaring and sassy remarks. Here at Moneypenny, we always aim to provide a genuine and friendly Phone Answering Service and Live Chat Service by channeling our inner Pam Beesly.

As all fans know, one of the most iconic moments from The Office is the Dundie Awards. From Ryan winning the “Hottest in the Office” Dundie and Kevin awarded the “Don’t Go In There After Me” Dundie, these hilarious, yet slightly insulting, awards are one to remember. With this in mind, we began to wonder: if a Dundie was given to us, what award would we receive?

After coming up with a list of possible awards, we created an interactive Dundie Award Generator for people to produce their own awards based on their name, age, gender and other typical workday preferences. To generate your own Dundie, just fill in the information in the generator below and get your personalized results!

Much like The Office, Moneypenny began in the UK before moving over to the US. But while The Office in the UK only lasted for two seasons, Moneypenny remains the leading Telephone Answering Service in the UK. We answer calls for businesses of all shapes and sizes in both the UK and US, so no matter where your company is located, our receptionists have you covered.

Don’t forget to share your Dundie Award on social media – we look forward to seeing them! Find out if your friends agree with your result and let them generate their own Dundie Award.