Great value for money for The Glass Guru

Erik Hilger, Owner, explains how the glass shop & repair company never miss a call with overflow and out of hours support.

When did you realize you needed support?

“We were unsure if we were missing calls, and if so, how many. With an estimated value of between $1-10k a call, it was essential that each one was captured. We did have an employee on hand to answer calls, however they also focused on following up with customers. It was then that Moneypenny’s call support was recommended to us.”

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“Any call we can’t answer, including those out of office hours, now goes to our Moneypenny team, and they do a great job. In fact, customers can never tell they’re through to an answering service, they always think they’re speaking to our office staff. The team handles all kinds of inquiries as per our instruction, whether they’re new, existing or referrals.”

What are the key benefits?

“Never missing a call means we never miss new business, but more than that, it means we’re able to offer amazing service to prospects and existing customers by always being available. We’re really happy with Moneypenny’s support - it ticks all of the boxes; it’s effective, professional and the return on investment has been great.”

Moneypenny provides:

overflow support

Busiest time of day is between:

4 - 5pm

Most support is needed on:


Erik Hilger


Moneypenny ticks all the boxes

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