Dr. Jamie Loveland ensures all bases are covered

Dr. Jamie Loveland, Owner, shares how the psychotherapy practice captures every opportunity with Phone Answering support.

When did you realize you needed support?

“We were struggling to answer every patient call as we continued to grow our psychotherapy practice. Being so busy meant we were in the habit of relying on our voicemail facility to pick up any unanswered calls. We knew this wasn’t good customer service and we soon reached out to Moneypenny for call answering support.”

What does good customer service look like?

"In our practice, we believe that honesty is key to good customer service. It's all about the right attitude and being able to understand the caller's perspective and empathize with their situation - something that Moneypenny does so well."

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“Aimee, Our Moneypenny Receptionist, and her small team, take any calls not answered by our in-house team. Aimee is always available and her professionalism and warmth puts my clients at ease, which is key in my profession. The service Moneypenny offers instils confidence in my patients, they know they’re going to work with someone who will take care of them.”

What are the key benefits?

“Thanks to Moneypenny I’m no longer scrambling to answer calls and I can focus on what I love doing – running the practice. Aimee has become an integral part of our team and has enabled the in-house staff to concentrate on patient care. Every message I receive is clear and concise, the service really is efficient. I never miss any calls.”

Any advice for other businesses?

"Go for it! I don't have any regrets and neither will you."

Moneypenny provides:

answering support

Busiest time of day is between:

11am - 12pm

Most support is needed on:



Dr. Jamie Loveland


Moneypenny has made my life a lot easier

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