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Autoecosse Mitsubishi offers the very best service

Richard Fraser Lawson, Finance Director, shares how the after sales and service experts are ahead of their game with Telephone Answering support.

When did you realise you needed support?

“Whilst we had no idea of the amount of calls our dealership was receiving, we knew we had to make sure every call was being answered regardless of the time of day. Our busy showroom wasn’t an excuse to let a call go unanswered, so we trialled Moneypenny.”

What does good customer service look like?

“Competition is incredibly high within the automotive industry, so quality customer service can make all the difference. For us, making sure our callers speak with someone every time they call means we’re providing the service our customers deserve and expect.”

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“Now every one of our calls is answered, including out of hours many of which are often very valuable to the dealership. Using Moneypenny has given Autoecosse an edge and our level of customer service is extremely high.”

What are the key benefits?

“All of our franchises now offer a completely personal service. Kate, our Moneypenny Receptionist, is so efficient, helpful and friendly. Moneypenny’s reputation is outstanding, and it makes a huge difference to our business. We are now confident our franchises are offering the best service to our customers.”

Any advice for other businesses?

“If you’re looking to impress and delight your customers, Moneypenny is the perfect solution for you.”

We give you amazing people and technology:


Your own Moneypenny PA to answer calls exactly as if based in your office.

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Live Chat

Amazing people, briefed by you to manage chats whenever you can't.

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Pocket Phone System

All the functions and support of an office phone system, minus the hardware.

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