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The future workplace

Meet the fully remote workforce, Buffer

From San Francisco’s tech hub to a fully remote workforce; we explore the story of Buffer's forward-thinking officeless culture.


The future is here

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The Workplace Shift: Going Remote

We’re in the midst of a global workplace transformation. Digital technologies, virtual teams, and a new wave of workplace culture means there’s no longer a need for a physical office presence. Download the free whitepaper to discover how the 'officeless' model has unfolded.

WeWork: Taking over the workplace

Its mission is to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. We talk to Senior Community Manager of WeWork, Daisy Anderson-Perrin to find out more on the future of the workplace.

Eco-friendly working

The greenest way to do business

Running a sustainable, green business is now more important than it has ever been before. But you don't need to be a giant corporation to make a big difference.

Business technology

The virtual phone system: Top 10 benefits

The power of an office phone system on your mobile; the virtual phone system empowers small business owners to work flexibly - from anywhere, anytime.

Meet the coworker, Adaptavist

What's life as a coworker really like? Lucia Scarborough of global software provider, Adaptavist, is part of the WeWork community and explains all.

Tech in 2020

2000 versus 2020: How technology has changed our lives in 20 years

The torrent of incredible tech innovations in the last two decades can make it hard to recall what life was like twenty years ago. Oliver Pickup compares then with now.

Website technology

Live Chat: The future of customer experience

It's revolutionising the way businesses communicate and doubling your web conversions. Today's consumers now expect to find this simple piece of technology on your site.

The future workplace

The 5 coolest coworking spaces in the world 

From beachfront havens, to gym-office hybrids, there's a co-working space for everyone, everywhere. We explore some of the coolest workspaces on Earth.

Business technology

5 things every business owner should automate in 2020

From improving customer service levels to making your operations run more efficiently, automation has the power to transform a business.



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