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Remote working

Meet the remote estate agents powered by outsourcing

We talk to the multi-award-winning estate agency, EweMove, to discover more about their approach as a distributed and outsourced workforce.

We talk to Nick Neill, Managing Director of the multi-award-winning estate agency, EweMove, to discover more about their approach as a distributed and outsourced workforce.

Tell us more about the EweMove infrastructure

The EweMove proposition as a franchised business means we’re not advocates of shops, offices or high-street premises – we’re a hybrid estate agency and our entire ecosphere is one of a remote business. We have people operating across the UK, at all different times of the day; be it weekends, evenings, or even the middle of the night – there is always someone available to meet customer demand.

Because of our remote infrastructure, we need to ensure that the customer experience is clean, efficient, and it works in the same way – reliably – time and time again. The way we achieve this is through working with best of breed suppliers to deliver an exceptional customer journey, from all angles.

What are the benefits of working remotely?

Having a ‘less static’ head office infrastructure allows us to flex, change, and adapt. Operating remotely forces you to think harder about how you pull your entire infrastructure together. We’re able to flex our proposition to suit changing customer demand and new technologies, as often as we need to.

Why outsource?

If you have the right outsourcing partners, running your business becomes a lot less stressful. As a business, it’s impossible to be specialists in every single area, but by outsourcing the demands, such as customer service functions, telephony, and training, it frees you up to focus on the core activities of the business – knowing that these other areas are being taken care of.

What are the challenges of operating remotely?

People often view working remotely as a lack of control. But I believe it actually enhances control. Outsourcing demands relieves the internal pressure of having to worry about training staff in new systems or capabilities outside of their role – which can divert you away from the core focus of your business and leave you just managing ‘stuff’. I want to ensure that we combine all of the right components together to build a business that works and is supported by the best partners to deliver the most effective outcomes for our PLC owner, our franchisees, and most importantly, our customers.

All companies who want to grow and scale their business should look to outsource certain components to a specialist provider like Moneypenny. This concept is one that works whether you’re a sole trader or a business of our size with over 100 franchises across the UK.

What are your predictions for the business of the future?

I believe the future business will be very much orientated around the one-to-one relationship. The middle market is disappearing, today’s consumer either wants to buy from budget brands or have the premium experience.

Businesses need to think about where they want to position themselves. As a one-to-one premium business, it’s not about the price – it’s about having all of the systems, technology, and people support around us to deliver that full premium customer experience and quality service.

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