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More leads for estate agency Lawrence Rand

Peter Lawrence, Director, shares how the multi-award-winning estate agency captures every call, day and night, thanks to Moneypenny.

When did you realise you needed support?

“At times when our in-house team were all busy on the phone and during the evening and weekends when no one was available, overflow calls went unanswered. Wanting to improve this part of our client journey, we reached out to Moneypenny as they’d been recommended to us by many industry contacts.”

What does good customer service look like?

“For us, it’s all about listening and understanding clients’ needs. Making sure they feel heard and valued. Every conversation is an important one and has to be handled in a professional way.”

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“They’ve helped us to achieve hybrid working at scale. Our team is able to take advantage of flexible working, knowing Moneypenny has our calls covered. Having their support in the background means our team can be more efficient with their time, which in turn increases productivity.”

What are the key benefits?

“We have complete peace of mind that every client enquiry is captured, which would have been impossible without Moneypenny. For us, it’s crucial every single caller feels they are speaking with a member of our office staff, and the Moneypenny team delivers this consistency in service at all times.”

Any advice for other businesses?

“I would highly recommend Moneypenny to other businesses. If you take your leads seriously and don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, then you need this service.”

We give you amazing people and technology:


Your own Moneypenny PA to answer calls exactly as if based in your office.

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Live Chat

Amazing people, briefed by you to manage chats whenever you can't.

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Pocket Phone System

All the functions and support of an office phone system, minus the hardware.

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