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Rowlinsons Solicitors are always contactable

Andrew Graves, Managing Director & Solicitor, tells us why Live Chat is so important to their customer service.

When did you realise you needed support?

“Our aim was to increase accessibility in a bid to improve customer service levels, but despite extending our opening hours during the week and at weekends, there were still large periods of time where we weren’t contactable. We wanted to provide people with an alternative way of getting in touch rather than leaving a voicemail, so we decided to give Moneypenny’s Live Chat service a try.”

What does good customer service look like?

“Solicitors are often viewed as stuffy or unapproachable, but this is something we’ve always tried to move away from. Instead, we strive to deliver a very personal and tailored service, and Moneypenny fits in well with this approach.”

How has Moneypenny changed your business?

“Jess, our Moneypenny Receptionist, and her supporting team now manage all of our chats. They’re very efficient and use industry terminology, so they come across really well. It’s great that we can see the chats taking place and coming through with the correct details. The Moneypenny team even tell our website visitors when we’ll get back to them and whether it will be via phone or email.”

What are the key benefits?

“Using Live Chat has made our services more accessible, and now that we’re available outside of standard working hours, we’re capturing business we would’ve otherwise missed. Knowing which areas of law we deal with, in what locations, means Jess and the team can let website visitors know if we’re unable to help them and ultimately saves us time.”

Any advice for other businesses?

“Give it a go. The service that Moneypenny provides is efficient and professional – it really works for us. And with their free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

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