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Assist, guide and convert more website visitors using automated technology

Our Chatbot solution keeps your website working harder and provides an enhanced customer experience. This intuitive and customisable technology can be used to direct users, triage chats, capture data, qualify leads and more, with the option of experienced human agents on hand in the background whenever you need.

Hero Chatbot

A sales assistant, tour guide and problem-solver all in one

If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement solution that gives quick results, our Chatbot is a great option. As well as giving you a 24-hour presence, significant cost savings and increased sales, this clever technology helps you gain a better understanding of your website visitors - so you can make informed decisions based on customer feedback and behaviours.

Provide a better experience

With clever technology that converses seamlessly with visitors to help make their buying decision an easy one

Drive higher conversion rates

Through proactively encouraging website visitors into a chat and asking them pre-qualifying questions to quickly determine their intent

Capture valuable data

Using automated technology to obtain key information from visitors browsing your site and asking them to provide feedback on their experience

Save precious time

By leaving your Chatbot to answer routine queries that don’t require a human response and fielding the profitable leads straight to your team

Custom-built to complement your online journey

Choose from a selection of powerful features to create a truly unique customer experience no other competitor can replicate. Whether it’s one or a combination of a few, our tried and tested functionalities are designed to address common issues on websites just like yours. Here are just a few:

Guide bot

Direct visitors around your website and route enquiries instantly to different teams or agents based on type.

Post-chat survey bot

Before they finish a chat, ask visitors to feed back on their experience and gain valuable insight into your customer journey.

FAQs bot

Quickly resolve common and basic questions on your website and give visitors answers in real time.

Triage bot

Filter and field incoming chats to ensure the hottest leads are prioritised and sent straight to the right people to pick up.

Data capture bot

Automatically request important visitor data with ease, including name, number, email address and any other information you need.


How it works

In a few simple steps, you can have your Chatbot up and running on your website.



Think about what you want to get out of your bot and what features will deliver the best results for you.



Give us a call and we’ll work with you to customise your bot’s styling, design and functionality.



Add a small piece of code to your website to activate your new bot - a 5-minute job for you or your website host.



Once your bot is live, we’ll be on hand should you want to make changes or need any advice.

Get your quote

We’ll talk you through our Chatbot pricing and set-up process. Simply provide us with a few contact details and we’ll call you right away.

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Our Chatbot is the perfect accompaniment to our Live Chat agents, ensuring they only pick up the most valuable enquiries.

Client spotlight

We answer the same volume of interactions, with 20% less staff

Business challenge:

“With traffic on our website high, we wanted to ensure we were answering any routine website chats that didn’t require a human agent in a timely manner, even out of hours. Moneypenny was already handling our customer service communications (including nearly 150k interactions annually), so it made sense to try out their Chatbot solution as a way of using automated technology to resolve simple enquiries, especially during the evenings and weekends.”


“We worked closely with Moneypenny to ensure their knowledge base held all of the information required to manage the most common customer queries. We also liaised with their team to build our own unique triggers and features, so there was a seamless routing structure in place to send the more complex chats to an agent to deal with. Once this was in place, it was clear that website visitors were choosing to interact with the Chatbot over email, web forms or searching the website themselves.”


“Thanks to our Chatbot, we’ve been able to reduce our customer service team by 20% whilst still answering the same volume of website interactions. Optimising the tech in this way meant fewer chats were routed to an agent, but guaranteed every query was resolved. Our overall engagement has also improved, with the initial 49% of enquiries being transferred through to an agent now down to 26%. Our Chatbot is vital to our operation and we will continue to monitor and improve its functionality to best serve the current needs of our customer base.”

Grant Beeming

Grant Beeming

Head of Operations


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