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Small Business Answering Services

Ensure new & existing customers can contact your business

Our powerful small business solutions are designed to support you as you grow, offering flexible and cost-effective provision for your calls and live chat.

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Which of our services is right for your business?

Telephone Answering

Your own PA to answer calls as if based in your office.

Live Chat

Gold standard people and technology to help manage your chats.

Small Business Phone System

Managed on your mobile simply by diverting your business number.

Business Telephone Numbers

Dedicated regional, national or freephone number routed to any number.

Capture every opportunity in the most cost-effective way possible

Your UK-based, hand-picked receptionist is on hand whenever you need


Work remotely

Have calls & messages sent to you and your team

Stand out

Look and sound more professional overnight

Always answer

Never miss a business opportunity again

Cut costs

Deliver outstanding service without hiring more staff

Be available 24/7

Trust us to represent you perfectly whenever you need

Free up time

Focus on customers and what you do best

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Telephone Answering

Ready and waiting to answer your calls is your very own Moneypenny PA. Professional and very experienced, they understand every call to your business is precious. In the same way you'd brief a new in-house team member, tell them all about you and how you like to work. Looking after calls to your exact requirements, they'll impress customers with every interaction by either transferring them to wherever you're working, or taking a message.

Capture every opportunity

In the most cost-effective way possible

Gain more time

To get on with what you do best

Always sound professional

With flexible support that's available 24/7

Free trial available
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Live Chat

Combining gold standard technology with real people, our one-stop Live Chat solution is designed specifically for businesses who want to ensure their website browsers feel as valued as callers. Turn your online experience into a tailored, more personable user journey today with the help of fully outsourced or overflow provision, and optional chatbot technology.

Capture more leads

Get browsers to the right place, faster

Deliver better service, 24/7

Handle and resolve queries in real-time

Improve team efficiency

Free up your team to deal with more complex leads

Free trial available

Small Business Phone System

The ideal solution for anyone looking for a complete call handling solution to run your small business anywhere. Our clever technology transforms your mobile into a business phone system, wherever you're working. Simply divert your business number (or choose a new one - we've thousands available) and manage where calls ring, fielding calls effortlessly between your team.

Work remotely

Redirect your existing business number and route calls between you and different team members.

Never miss a call

Control where, when and how your calls are answered with the Pocket Phone System app.

Instantly look bigger

With a professional greeting and the ability to direct callers to different departments.

Business Telephone Numbers

Look instantly bigger and more professional with a dedicated regional, national or freephone number routed to any number you choose. Never have to share your private phone number again. It's time to give your business the phone number it deserves.



0161, 0121, 01908

Ideal for any business operating in the local area or those who wish to appear as though they're based elsewhere.



Great for demonstrating growth, or for online businesses who don't want their image to be tied to one location.



The ultimate number that eliminates the cost of a call for the customer: a nice little customer service offering.

Receive calls from us seamlessly into Microsoft Teams

Our unique integration means we’ll be able to read your real-time status information and transfer calls through to you and your colleagues via the platform itself.

Caller rings to speak to a member of your team

We answer

We read your Teams status to see if you're available

The call is seamlessly transferred

The Moneypenny Difference

Our team quickly becomes a seamless extension of yours


Hand-picked people

We make a point of recruiting for attitude and matching you with individuals who complement your business, so you can be sure they'll truly reflect how you want to speak to customers.

Award-winning culture

Widespread employee loyalty means you're getting very experienced people working as trusted members of your team, permanently eliminating the need to recruit, hire and train in-house.

Personality & warmth

Be it over the phone or through technology, the smile our team bring to every interaction will enhance your service provision and make sure customers keep coming back to you.


About us

Born in 2000, most people in the UK have spoken to Moneypenny. Few realise it.


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24 / 7

every customer managed seamlessly around the clock in our UK head office

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