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80% of business calls are from people who know the name of the person they want to speak to. Why put a receptionist in their way? Developed in collaboration with Amazon and Twilio technology, Digital Switchboard puts your callers in control by prompting them to say the name of the person or department they wish to be transferred to.

In an instant, calls are routed to the appropriate direct line or mobile. Digital Switchboard is a carefully designed artificial intelligence (AI) product that exceeds all expectations on cost reduction, service delivery and ease of set-up. It truly is the most advanced, accurate and service enhancing method of automating your switchboard.

In the cloud

In the cloud

Zero maintenance

Zero maintenance

Easy set-up

Easy set-up

24/7 service

24/7 service

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The beauty of Digital Switchboard is that it’s big technology with a small price tag. Experience it for yourself, no half measures. Simply send us your employee list with extension numbers and we’ll set up your account within 24 hours. With absolutely no ongoing commitment - you've got nothing to lose.

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Sophisticated automation backed up by real people


Caller dials your number


Digital Switchboard prompts caller to say the name of the person or department they wish to speak to

"Bob Jones"

80% of callers will know who they wish to speak to. For anyone who doesn't, add a "Or hold for a receptionist" option which can be answered by your own, or a Moneypenny Receptionist.


Caller's request is interpreted and relayed back to them as a sound recording

"Putting you through to Bob Jones …"

Our technology is 99% accurate, but on the rare occasion a person's request isn't recognised, the call will route immediately to a receptionist - your own or Moneypenny.


Caller is transferred

Should the call ring out, Moneypenny or your own receptionist will answer, ensuring a perfectly handled call every time.

Global partners in your corner

No delays. No 'please repeat'. A one-stop solution.


Delivers the speech recognition callers love, converting spoken requests and passing them instantly to Amazon Polly.


Powers the innovative text-to-speech technology (through its Polly service) which returns verbal confirmation back to callers.


Provides the finest receptionists; people you know and trust who respond knowledgeably and confidently to the needs of your callers.

  • "Digital Switchboard has been a lifesaver for capturing every new enquiry."

    Saira Babar, Newmans Solicitors Limited

    "Digital Switchboard has been a lifesaver for capturing every new enquiry."

    Saira Babar, Newmans Solicitors Limited

    Newmans Solicitors in-house team was finding it increasingly challenging to answer all of their calls. Volumes were high, cold calls were frequent and hiring additional staff wasn’t an option. Committed to capturing every opportunity and improving client relations, Newmans Solicitors turned to Moneypenny for telephone answering and Digital Switchboard support.

    Digital Switchboard is brilliant, now our callers get to the right person quickly. Plus, we have next to no sales callers now. The team are fantastic and understand exactly how we work. The service has made a positive change to our business, it’s adaptable to our needs and requirements.

  • "We’re saving in excess of £1000 per year and our customer service has never been better."

    Don Bircham, Wrexham Football Club

    "We’re saving in excess of £1000 per year and our customer service has never been better."

    Don Bircham, Wrexham Football Club

    Wrexham Football Club needed short-term support for its switchboard – fast. Expecting to be sold telephone answering, Don was pleasantly surprised when Moneypenny suggested its Digital Switchboard product: gold-standard speech recognition software supported by the Club’s own, or Moneypenny receptionists.

    We’re delivering greater efficiencies and vastly improved customer service. Digital Switchboard has exceeded all expectations; this technology is special.

  • "An affordable alternative to a permanent receptionist."

    Simon Shiers, MCS Investment Property

    “An affordable alternative to a permanent receptionist.”

    Simon Shiers, MCS Investment Property

    You might think a company like MCS Investment Property would shy away from the concept of speech recognition to support the work it undertakes for a range of both UK and international clients. Quite the contrary. Making use of innovative technology like Digital Switchboard means it can respond to callers quickly and efficiently at all times, whilst keeping costs down. Win win.

    I couldn’t justify adding a permanent member of staff to our team to cover reception. Thanks to Digital Switchboard, there’s absolutely no need. For an affordable price, it delivers a quality product, supported by experienced people who know their telecoms. A fast set-up made for a refreshing change to our usual experience of ‘back end’ systems. I am confident callers appreciate the professional and efficient response they experience every time they call us.

Your burning questions

Isn’t this kind of service expensive?

The simple answer: no! That’s the beauty of Digital Switchboard; it’s big technology with a small price tag. After paying a one-off set-up fee, your monthly fee is based on the number of calls you’re likely to receive.

What about ongoing call charges and contract length?

Per minute, we charge £0.02 to landlines, £0.09 to mobiles and £0.50 to international numbers. All of our smaller Digital Switchboard schemes are a three month minimum contract. Thereafter, we require only one month’s notice to close your account from the date of your next invoice. Larger contracts are agreed on an individual basis.

Is our business too small to benefit from Digital Switchboard?

Whether you’re a business with 5 or 5,000 employees, if you’re looking to avoid the cost of a person to handle your calls, Digital Switchboard is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional switchboard set-up.

What happens if Digital Switchboard doesn’t recognise a request?

If the software is in any doubt about the accuracy of its translation, the call is routed to a receptionist – your own or Moneypenny’s – who transfers the caller to the correct person or department. There’s no ‘please repeat’ or incorrect routing of your calls.

Do we have flexibility to make regular changes?

Yes, all of your employee information is available for you to amend at any time via your secure online portal. The Moneypenny app allows individual employees to change the number Digital Switchboard routes their calls to – ideal if they regularly work from home or are often on the road.

Can we have multi-levels of routing, including an auto-attendant?

Digital Switchboard is able to accommodate auto-attendant (‘Press 1 for new enquiries, press 2 for our accounts team…’) combined with a speech recognition facility. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re implementing a greeting that will benefit your callers.

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